“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less important whether I am afraid.”  —Audre Lorde

Meet Kathryn

You are Feeling…

Badly about yourself.
Overwhelmed, worried or down.
Stuck, getting nowhere.

How did I know?

Because I have been there.

Kathryn’s Story

For most of my life I felt badly about myself. I listened to that negative voice in my head that told me “I was not enough” or “I can’t do it”. I spent my life doing the things I told myself I “should” do. I focused all of my attention on helping my children go out and live their best lives. But no where along the way did I ask myself, “What do I want?” or “Who do I want to be?”. So when they were ready to leave the nest, I found myself in a lonely place. I was facing a new chapter of my life with no sense of direction. I was definitely not thriving, advancing, or flourishing.

At age 46 I decided to change that. I did not know what it looked like or felt like to thrive, but I knew I was done just existing.

Through my education and self-discovery, I have learned what it looks like and feels like to THRIVE and flourish- and I have to tell you it is AMAZING!

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Finding Your Path

I know the path to take and I want to help you take that PATH to your thriving life! Your THRIVING LIFE is a life where you FEEL GOOD about yourself.

  • You have CLARITY and FOCUS.
  • You are MOVING FORWARD toward your goals.
  • You are ENJOYING your RELATIONSHIPS to the fullest.

And at the end of every day you are proud of yourself because you are living with intention-being the person you have always wanted to be. It’s never too late to start living your thriving life!

I will:

the problem.

a plan to overcome the problem.

you with the tools to take control & thrive.