“A little action often spurs a lot of momentum.” —Noah Scalin

Online Therapy in Alabama

You want to start counseling. If only it was that easy. Perhaps you live outside of Birmingham. And, to be honest, you just don’t have time to drive for an hour each way trying to get to a counseling appointment. Or, on the other hand, you may live outside of a rural city and may not have a lot of choice when it comes to therapy. Perhaps you are so busy that finding time in your schedule doesn’t seem possible. Maybe you are just more comfortable attending counseling from the comfort of your own home.

Online therapy is the solution you’ve been looking for

You want therapy that works. But, you also need therapy that fits with your lifestyle. We get it. Online Therapy at Empower Counseling & Coaching may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Our counselors are trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, specializing in anxiety treatment, counseling for depression, counseling college students & counseling professionals. Through the use of a secure video chat, we are able to offer you effective mental health services. The best part? You can avoid traffic and paying for parking.

A young woman looks at her laptop, feeling overwhelmed. She has decided to begin online therapy in Alabama with Empower Counseling.

Benefits of Online therapy

Online therapy saves you time. You don’t have to worry about drive time to and from appointments. Instead, you can pull up our secure platform on computer and start your counseling session. It could be on your patio, in your living room, or where ever you feel the most comfortable! To learn more about the benefits of online therapy, explore this article written by the American Psychological Association.

A woman looks off camera feeling stressed. She is considering starting online therapy in Alabama with Empower Counseling.

Counseling for Professionals through online therapy in Alabama

I understand the pressure you are under. In fact, I was a lawyer for many years. Then, I went back to school to earn a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health. Now, I am an associate licensed counselor. On top of that, I am married to an attorney who runs his own firm. I know that “always needing to be on” and “one step ahead of your opposition” feeling. It can keep you in your head thinking about the future but forgetting about the present. I know how managing others and running your own business can affect all areas of your life. Unfortunately, this includes your relationships.

A woman looks off camera feeling stressed. She is considering starting online therapy in Alabama with Empower Counseling.

You do not have to be a lawyer for me to understand the pressure you are under. I have many physician friends and I run my own business. I understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. You always felt like there is something else you could or should be doing. You’re always focused on how to move your business forward. With all of your responsibilities, you make think you don’t have time for counseling. However, there is a solution. With online therapy, you can fit therapy into your busy schedule. You only need 50 minutes a week.

Anxiety counseling through online therapy in Alabama

Anxiety is something most of us deal with at some point in our lives. Managing your anxiety may have become a struggle for you. Or, maybe you’re experiencing some of the common anxiety symptoms listed on our anxiety counseling page, we can help. Our counselors are trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, This is an effective treatment for anxiety. Don’t wait any longer to get help. If you don’t have the extra time to come to the office, Empower Counseling can help. Online therapy may be the answer to your busy schedule.

A man looks at his laptop feeling overwhelmed. He has decided to start online therapy in Alabama with Empower Counseling. He has heard great things about online therapist Kathryn Ely.

If your anxiety has progressed to the point where you are unable to leave your home, Empower Counseling can help. Begin online therapy in Alabama with Empower Counseling and work your way back to enjoying life outside of your home again.

A female college student looks at her laptop smiling. She is about to have a session for online therapy in Alabama with Empower Counseling.

online therapy for College Students in Alabama

Empower Counseling specializes in providing counseling for college students. Specifically, those who need help with anxiety and depression. Even though Empower Counseling is in Birmingham, we can help you with online counseling from the privacy of your dorm room or apartment. Forget the long drive back and forth. We can help you via private video therapy that is just as effective as in person therapy. You don’t have to face your difficulties alone. We are here to help. Reach out to Empower Counseling for online therapy in Alabama today.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Short answer: yes. Absolutely. In fact, we use the same Acceptance Commitment Therapy we use in person. This works just as well with our clients who prefer online therapy. We have seen the same positive results with clients who enjoy online therapy.

Empower Counseling specializes in treating anxiety. Some of our clients experience anxiety at excessive levels. We have seen those some clients feel like they are in control of their life. Often, our clients feel no interest in things they used to love. However, discover what is most important to them. Additionally, they begin feeling motivated to take action.

A man looks at his laptop smiling. He is pleased with his online therapy session in Alabama. Additionally, he enjoys working with his online therapist Kathryn Ely with Empower Counseling.

Our clients come to us in many different states. Some clients start out feeling worthless, lacking interest and motivation and filled with guilt. Those same clients leave feeling like they have a purpose, know what’s important to them, finding their self-value and confidence, and hope. Overall, clients leave feeling Empowered.

When you are ready to break free from the control of anxiety or depression with online counseling, EMPOWER IS HERE TO HELP YOU.

Begin Online therapy in Alabama with Empower Counseling

When you are ready to break free from the control of anxiety or depression with online therapy, EMPOWER IS HERE TO HELP YOU. Find the courage to take the first step by reaching out. You will not be going on this journey alone. I’ll be with you offering support and encouragement the entire time. When you’re ready to live the life you’ve always wanted for yourself, follow these steps:
  1. Fill out an appointment request.
  2. Get to know one of our caring online counselors.
  3. Start your healing journey where you feel the most comfortable.

 Other counseling services in birmingham, al

Life is weird right now, isn’t it? There’s a lot of new rules we have to navigate and conversations we never thought we would have. So, we bet you don’t feel super prepared and probably feel overwhelmed.  We might not be able to make the word make sense, but we can support as a counselor. For your convenience, we offer many services in our Birmingham, AL counseling clinic and online in Alabama. We provide depression counseling and anxiety counseling. Maybe you’re facing something you haven’t before, whether it’s a new job, new college, or other life change. To help with this, we provide counseling for teens, college students, and professionals. In addition, we offer life transitions counseling and life coaching. To help with the weirdness of being a 20-something,  we provide counseling for young adults. Overall, we are here to help with whatever is bringing you down.

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