“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  —Carl Bard

Counseling for Professionals

You are tired of…

  • Feeling like no one understands what your daily life is like
  • Being overwhelmed by pressure and responsibilities
  • Never being able to turn off your thoughts
  • Your job consuming your life
  • Feeling like you can never do enough

And especially…

  • Not enjoying your life the way you want to enjoy it
A woman sitting in a library is looking stressed. She is suffering from burnout and  has decided to pursue counseling for professionals in Birmingham, AL with Empower Counseling.

Being a professional is not easy, especially if you own or manage your own practice.

A male doctor is reading documents looking overwhelmed. He would be a great candidate for counseling for professionals in Birmingham, AL with Empower Counseling.

You have so many responsibilities and people relying on you. No one can do the amount of things you do-except you. It is easy to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. It is also easy to let your career bleed over into all of the other areas of your life. There are constant fires to put out and decisions to make.

And you feel like there is not a counselor in this world who could possibly understand or help you.

As A Business Owner, Counselor and Busy Professional, I Get It!

I understand. In fact, I spent many years practicing law. I went back to school to earn a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health. Now, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. Plus, I am married to an attorney who runs his own firm. I know that “always needing to be one step ahead of your opposition” feeling. It can keep you in your head thinking about the future. I know how managing others and running your own business can affect all areas of your life. Unfortunately, including your relationships.

You do not have to be a lawyer for me to understand the pressure you are under. I have many physician friends and I run my own business. I understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. You always feeling like there is something else you could or should be doing. You’re always focused on how to move your business forward. Explore this resource to learn more about professional burnout. 


Counseling for Professionals in Alabama Actually Works

I have helped other professionals like you go from…

  • Feeling consumed by your career to having a more balanced life
  • Feeling overwhelming pressure to focusing only on what you can control. And letting go of the rest
  • Not being able to turn off your thoughts to mindfully living in the present moment
  • Having work bleed over into personal and family time to setting clear boundaries. Imagine: enjoying your time outside of the office
  • From feeling like you can never do enough to knowing exactly what you want to accomplish in your day. On top of that, feeling satisfied when you do.

Most importantly: from not enjoying your life to feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Not only with work, but in all domains or areas of your life.

A woman smiles while playing golf. She feels rejuvenated after starting counseling for professionals in Birmingham, AL with Empower Counseling.
Kathryn Ely, Counselor at Empower Counseling and Coaching, provides burnout counseling for professionals in Alabama. Reach out today!

counseling for professionals can help You Feel Grounded

It’s difficult to feel overwhelmed by pressure and responsibility. To not be able to turn it off or get away from it. We will discover how you want your life to be different, what you want it to look like. Then we help you with an action plan to get there!

My Approach to Counseling for Professionals

I use Acceptance Commitment Therapy when providing counseling for professionals. The goal is to help you become clear about what is important to you. You’ll see what has been standing in your way. Additionally, you’ll identify the actions it will take for you to be the person you want to be. This approach to counseling for professionals can give you the kind of life you want to have. To learn more about the ACT approach, take a look at this article that outlines the process.

What to Expect in Counseling for Professionals in Alabama

I begin with listening and understanding what you are going through. I want to fully grasp how this is affecting you. So, I examine every domain or area of your life to see where you are satisfied and not satisfied with. I help you uncover what is most important to you – what you want your life to look like. This might take a little digging, but we will get there. Once we know what is most important to you, we  examine what has been getting in your way. Then we focus on the exercises and actions that will get you to a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Hesitant to pursue counseling for professionals?

You’re thinking, “I should be able to do this on my own.”

I mean, you are smart, and strong, right? Of course you are, but sometimes the smartest, strongest thing you can do is to admit that you could use a little help. You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders any longer. We can help ease that burden and show you the way to a much more enjoyable life.

You realize, “I don’t have time for counseling”

The longer you put off counseling, the longer you go on not enjoying your life the way you could be enjoying it. How long have you been consumed by your thoughts, not really enjoying your life? 50 min a week, in office or by video, is such a small investment in your future but it can reap huge rewards. There is another way. It is time to make a change.

A man sits with his eyes closed and appears to be stressed. He is considering starting counseling for professionals in Birmingham, AL with Empower Counseling.

Begin Counseling for Professionals in Birmingham, AL

You feel overwhelmed, and maybe a little burnt out. You love your job, but at this rate you might not love it long term. I can help. I provide counseling for professionals in my Birmingham area counseling clinic and online. As a trained counselor, I help professionals find balance and enjoyment in life. To start your journey with counseling for professionals, take these simple steps:

  1. Contact Empower Counseling and learn about my services.
  2. Get to know me, Kathryn, as your new counselor.
  3. See what potential can be unlocked with counseling for professionals.

Other mental health services in birmingham, al

I get it. You’re doing the best you can right now. It seems like the world is plotting against you. While I can’t change the universe’s intentions, I can provide you support as a counselor. I offer services in my Birmingham, AL counseling clinic. and wherever you are in the state with online counseling in Alabama. I provide depression counseling and anxiety counseling. To help navigate new challenges, I provide counseling for teens and therapy for college students. In addition, I offer life transitions counseling and professional life coaching. To address the unique challenges of the early 20’s, I provide counseling for young adults.. Basically, wherever you are in your journey through life, I can help. Let’s connect to begin your counseling journey today.