“How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives: to experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.” —Judy Blume, Tiger Eyes

Anxiety Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama

Pulse racing. Heart pounding. head spinning. It all feels Completely out of control now.

You might Need anxiety counseling

Anxiety is something most of us deal with at some point in our lives. If managing your anxiety has become a struggle or if you are experiencing some of the common anxiety symptoms listed below, I can help. Anxiety can come in many different forms, including

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD),
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), and
  • Panic Attacks

Anxiety disorders are serious conditions, They are as real and serious as physical disorders like heart disease or diabetes.

We are here to help.

A woman looks sad, looking away from the camera. She regrets not starting anxiety counseling with an anxiety therapist in Birmingham, AL at Empower Counseling soon. n
A woman looks away from the camera as she thinks about how unbearable her symptoms were before  started anxiety counseling with an anxiety therapist with Empower Counseling in Alabama.

SIgns You Might Need Anxiety counseling

  • Persistent & excessive worry about a number of things
  • Difficulty controlling worry
  • Spending more and more time worrying and less and less time enjoying life
  • Difficulty sleeping (going to sleep or staying asleep)
  • Muscle tension
  • Nervous, irritable, on edge
  • Pounding or racing heart
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling of panic or dread
  • Nausea or upset stomach

Empower Counseling Can Help Free You From Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is treatable. But, it can also become much worse if it’s untreated. This can lead to further issues, like depression. Getting anxiety treatment as soon as possible means better outcomes. This, in turn, can keep your situation from getting worse.

Anxiety counseling can help you heal.

Empower Counseling specializes in treating anxiety. This is what we do. Some of our clients have frequent panic attacks and unbearable anxiety levels. We have seen those some clients start to feel at peace and in control. In the beginning, our clients feel no interest in things they used to love. Those same clients discover what is most important to them. Additionally, they begin feeling motivated to take action.

Clients have come to us feeling weak and fearful. They often think something is wrong with them. They complete therapy feeling calm and knowing there is nothing wrong with them.

A woman puts her upper body out of the passenger window with her arms extended. She is feeling free after beginning anxiety counseling with an anxiety therapist in Birmingham, AL.

the empower counseling Approach to Anxiety Therapy in Birmingham

At Empower Counseling, we use anxiety treatment methods that work. Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). ACT is effective in the treatment of many forms of anxiety.

ACT for anxiety therapy can be a helpful treatment for:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
  • Panic Attacks

We have also tracked our own clients’ anxiety symptom improvement through ACT. Our clients see great improvements in their anxiety symptoms. Through ACT, Empower Counseling can help you break free from anxiety’s control. Get back to living and enjoying your life.

To learn more about anxiety disorders, look into this resource for helpful information.

Imagine what it would feel like … having the freedom to do and try everything you want to without fear and anxiousness holding you back.

A woman stops mid run and smiles. She is feeling relieved after starting ACT for anxiety counseling in Birmingham, AL 35223 with Empower Cunseling.

After ACT for Anxiety counseling, Empower Counseling Clients…

  • Experienced fewer and less severe symptoms of anxiety, or were symptom free
  • Were more confident and less fearful
  • Had higher self-esteem and better self-care
  • Felt in control of their lives
  • Created clear boundaries
  • Experienced more satisfaction in their relationships
  • Were Happier
  • Were not afraid to take action toward the lives they wanted

When you are ready to break free from the control of anxiety, Empower is here to help you. Find the courage to take the first step by reaching out to Empower. Once you take that first step and reach out, we will be here to guide you to the finish line, where a better, more fulfilling life awaits you.

Starting Anxiety counseling in Birmingham, AL

You don’t have to deal with panic, worry, and fear any more. Counseling can help you break free from anxiety. Begin enjoying your life again. Our Birmingham, AL counseling clinic is the place to start you anxiety treatment in Birmingham. We can also help you from anywhere in the state with online therapy in Alabama. To start your anxiety therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

1. Contact Empower Counseling to schedule your first appointment.

2. Get to know your anxiety therapist.

3. Start your journey to a more fulfilling life today.

Other Therapy Services at Empower Counseling

There are many other services in our Birmingham, AL counseling clinic. If you find yourself feeling stuck, consider starting depression therapy. We specialize in providing guidance and support through teen therapy and counseling for college students. Our life coaching and counseling for professionals will help you reignite your passion. We often offer therapy to help you navigate difficult life transitions. This can include starting a new career, going through a divorce, or downsizing. You might consider technology addiction therapy to help you create and maintain boundaries. If you are looking for a better, more balanced life, we are here to help you. Let’s get started.