“Your problem is how you are going to spend this one odd precious life you have been issued. Whether you are going to live it trying to look good and creating the illusion that you have power over people and circumstances, or whether you are going to taste it, enjoy it, and find out the truth about who you are.”  —Anne Lamott

Purpose and Productivity Coaching from Empower Coaching

Time is our most precious resource. Let Empower help you get the most out of it and love how you spend your one life!

Who do I help through Empower Purpose and productivity life coaching?

I help women, who are struggling to find their purpose, determine exactly what they want the next chapter of their lives to look like. Then I help them take the actions necessary to have the fulfilling lives they want through working with a Life Coach.

A board walk with the sunsetting in the background. Time is our most precious resource. Let Empower help you get the most out of it and love how you spend your one life!

I can help you if you…

  • Have cared for your children, or parents, for years and don’t know who you are and what you want next
  • Are going through a divorce and feel like you are lost and starting over
  • Are stuck and unfulfilled in your current situation
  • Feel unsure of yourself, procrastinate, and have trouble making decisions
  • Feel overwhelmed, unorganized, and never have enough time
  • Are not reaching your weight loss and exercise goals

I am here to help.

Kathryn Ely, Counselor and Life Coach at Empower Counseling and Coaching in Birmingham. AL

How I help my clients find Purpose and Productivity through Empower life coaching

Through Empower coaching I guide you to:

  1. Achieve Clarity: What has been keeping you from finding your purpose and living intentionally & productively toward the life you want?
  2. Find Space: Clear the obstacles from your path.
  3. Examine: We will examine your life to determine what is important to you.
  4. Set Intentions: What do you want your life to look like?
  5. Create a Plan of Action: We will examine and eliminate actions that block your path toward productively reaching your goals. I will help you learn what habits and actions will bring you toward reaching your goals and having the fulfilling life you want in the most productive way.

What Empower Purpose & Productivity Coaching Can Do for You

I have seen so many clients go from being scared, unfulfilled, and lacking any direction to being filled with excitement and passion about their newly found purpose and intentional way of living. My clients go from not knowing how they spend their time every day to being mindful of what they want to accomplish and being intentional in taking the actions necessary to get what they want.

Purpose and productivity coaching with Empower Coaching guides you to the life you want, and the goals and actions to get you there. Life is short. Spend it in ways that make you excited, happy, and fulfilled by living your purpose.

A young red head rides in a car with her head out the window, smiling. Purpose and Productivity Coaching from Empower Coaching

THRIVE  /THrīv/  def.  :  Advance,  make  strides,  flourish.

A stack of rocks near the water. Use our Life Coaching Services to gain purpose and productivity at Empower Counseling in Birmingham, AL.

Why Empower Coaching?

My education, training, and experience have uniquely prepared me to be your guide through my Purpose and Productivity Coaching program. I have a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health and I am a licensed counselor. Although coaching is not counseling, through my education and training, I have mastered the techniques necessary to uncover all of the obstacles standing between you and the life you want. This specific training is very rare in life coaches, but crucial to helping you move forward. I also have a law degree and practiced as a lawyer for years.

Through this specific education and training, I have strong analytical skills I use to help you examine all aspects of your life and gain a clear picture of exactly what you want. Then I help you understand the actions and habits that are standing in your way, and how to let these actions and habits go. In place of those habits and actions, I guide you to create a plan of actions and habits that will take you to your goals and your purposeful life. I want to help you reach your goals and have the purposeful, intentional life of your dreams.


It was truly a miracle that I found Kathryn at this time in my life! I have raised four children and just was feeling like I didn’t know what my purpose was anymore, feeling stuck emotionally. From our first session, I left with more hope and more clarity about myself! I really love the fact that Kathryn is not only a life coach but also a counselor so she understands the psychological part as well! I finally feel like I’m headed in a direction and feel like I’m headed towards my purpose! It takes time and I have to allow myself to continue on this journey with Kathryn by my side! It is truly priceless and I would encourage any woman to take the time to embrace her knowledge and encouragement! She is one of a kind!

—Coaching Client

A young woman stands with her arms outstretched in a white dress. Let Life Coaching in Birmingham, AL help you reach your goals and have the purposeful, intentional life of your dreams.

Let’s Do This Together!


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