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Hidden Signs of Teen Anxiety: Emotional Changes

If your teen has been irritable, on edge, restless, having difficulty concentrating, or having unusual or unexplained outbursts your teen may be suffering from anxiety. Today’s teens are feeling the pressure to make high grades, tackle multiple AP courses, participate in…

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Does My Teen Have Anxiety?

As you read in my last post, teens are more vulnerable to depression and anxiety. All teens, or adolescents, like all adults, suffer from stress and anxious thoughts from time to time. So THE question is not does my teen have anxiety, but rather, when do i seek...

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The Teenage Brain

Have you ever wondered why you can’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday, but you have vivid memories from when you were a teen? Adolescence or the teenage years is a time of great change in the brain. It is a time of great plasticity when the brain in...

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