Are you a perfectionist needing anxiety counseling with Empower Counseling?

Are you a perfectionist needing anxiety counseling???

You might be thinking, “I don’t have to have everything in my life just so, so I can not be a perfectionist”. My house is a mess. My closet is a mess. I am not a neat freak. I am not a perfectionist.

You might be surprised to learn the definition of perfectionism: Perfectionism is the combination of setting high performance standards accompanied by critical self-evaluation. Or concerns over judgment or evaluation by others.

Perfectionism often leads to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem.

If you answer yes to any of the following, you may be a perfectionist needing anxiety counseling:

1. Do you procrastinate?

2. Are you constantly trying to prove your worth to others?

3. Are you often thinking about the parts of you that you need to fix or your flaws?

4. Are you constantly comparing yourself to others, and coming up short?

5. Do you experience shame about your perceived short comings?

6. Are you feeling like you are not living up to expectations (your own, society, family)? Or feel like you are not living up to your potential?

7. Are you having trouble relaxing- always feel like you should be doing something?

8. Do you constantly feel like a failure?

If you answer yes to even some of these questions, you may be a perfectionist. If you say yes to all of them, well then, you are definitely struggling with perfectionism.

Perfectionism is an ongoing problem:

Scientists say perfectionism is getting worse and becoming more and more of a problem.

According to the World Health Organization and the Harvard Business Review: Perfectionism is on the rise.

A record number of young people worldwide are suffering from serious depression or anxiety disorders associated with perfectionism.

Scientists state that perfectionistic tendencies have increased substantially among young people over the past 30 years, regardless of gender or culture. Greater academic and professional competition is thought to play a role, along with the pervasive presence of social media and the harmful social comparisons it elicits.


There is growing evidence that the increase in psychological ill-health of young people may stem from the excessive standards that they hold for themselves and the harsh self-punishment they routinely engage in.

Perfectionism might be behind the recent rise in serious mental illness as we are experiencing epidemic levels of serious mental illness in young people.

So many clients come into my office and tell me they are stuck. The are unsatisfied and unfulfilled or even filled with anxiety and just can’t seem to move forward, can’t seem to accomplish anything they want to accomplish.

And after a session or two, I uncover that they are perfectionists.

Perfectionism does not motivate:

Some people mistakenly believe that perfectionism is a healthy motivator, but that’s not the case. Perfectionism can make you feel unhappy with your life. It can lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-harm. Eventually, it can also lead you to stop trying to succeed. Even mild cases can interfere with your quality of life, affecting your personal relationships, education, or work.

If you are struggling with perfectionism and anxiety or depression, Empower Counseling can help. Our compassionate counselors know how to assess for perfectionism and we know what it looks like. We have methods of addressing perfectionism that have proven effective with many clients.

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Perfectionism is not the only issue we treat at our Birmingham area counseling clinic. We provide Acceptance Commitment Therapy, a proven effective treatment method, for anxiety and depression-for teen counseling, counseling for college students, counseling for young adults, and counseling for professionals.

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