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Are you feeling stuck? By Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama.

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant, trapped in a life you don’t want and you are not enjoying? So many people come to counseling, either online or in-person, with the counselors at Empower Counseling for this very reason.

How do we get stuck in the first place?

It all begins with our own thoughts. I always say, “The most important words we say are the ones we say to ourselves” because it is true. Being stuck begins with your own thoughts, what you are telling yourself about your situation.

If you are telling yourself, “It is hopeless. I have been doing this thing (whatever it is) over and over again. I have tried but I can not change.”  With these words you are essentially telling yourself there is no point why try. If this is what you are telling yourself you will stay stuck.

If you are telling yourself, “I hate my job but I can’t do anything about it. I need this job.” Then you will remain stuck in that particular job that you do not like. You will prevent yourself from even thinking about what kind of job you would like to have. You will prevent yourself from looking to see what kinds of jobs are available. And you will certainly stop yourself from taking any action, like sending someone a resume or scheduling an interview. With those words you are telling yourself that you are completely helpless. You are telling yourself you have absolutely no power in the situation.

Often times we get stuck because we are focusing on what we don’t like and what we don’t want. We also tend to spend quite a bit of time and energy trying to control the things we cannot control.

How do we get unstuck?

Being in a place of feeling stuck is miserable. When you are stuck, you are unfulfilled with your life and tend to not feel good about who you are. So how do you become unstuck?

It ‘s time to focus on gaining clarity about what you want and what you can control.

Whether through online therapy or in-person therapy, the counselors at Empower Counseling in Birmingham help clients with this every day. We are all trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, which is a proven effective treatment for anxiety and depression. But, I have found that even if you are not to the point of having severe anxiety and depression, ACT can help you become unstuck. nd if you stay stuck long enough anxiety and depression will follow.

So if you are feeling stuck, reach out to the counselors of Empower Counseling. Not only can we help you gain clarity about what thoughts have been keeping you stuck. We can help you learn the tools you need to stop talking to yourself in such limiting and unhelpful ways. Then we will help you decide what actions will get you unstuck. We will help you determine exactly what you want your life to look like, and the actions that should get you that life.

Empower Counseling serves the entire Birmingham and surrounding areas, and is convenient to Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia, Hoover, and downtown. We specialize in counseling for depression, anxiety, and general stuckness, serving adults, young professionals, colleges students and teens with male and female therapists.

Contact Empower today to get unstack. 205-730-6570

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