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Counseling for Samford Students with Empower Counseling: Time Management is key to Strong Mental Health

Efficient time management is necessary to be your most productive.. But did you know that efficient and intentional time management can go a long way toward helping you have strong mental wellbeing?

If you can mindfully and intentionally use your time and prioritize action toward your values and goals, you will:

-Accomplish more

-Be more confident in your abilities

-Have higher self-esteem

-Recognize that you have time for fun, hobbies, and relaxation

-Achieve a healthier balance between work, leisure and self-care

All of which nudge you toward strong mental wellbeing.


On the other hand, if you do not manage your time well you could suffer burn-out.

Burn-out: What is it?  Burn-out is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and  prolonged stress.

What causes to burn-out?  Many factors can contribute to burn-out.

You might be thinking, “I manage my time very well. I work hard all of the time”. I would argue if you are working hard ALL OF THE TIME, then you are not managing your time in a way that supports mental health and wellbeind and you are heading toward burnout.

I see this happen often with many clients, of all ages, who come to Empower Counseling for therapy. They mention they are exhausted, both mentally and physically. They worry they have become lazy because they just can’t seem to get their work done like they used to. They lack motivation to do the things they used to enjoy doing. And they tend to self criticize, stating they lack willpower and have lost their strong work ethic. It is like they have hit a wall.

That is classic definition of burn out friends. You can be laser focused on nothing but work or school, running at all cylinders for weeks or months . You can work long days into the night, being more productive than ever. Then suddenly, out of nowhere it seems, you can’t, with no understanding why.

Setting lofty goals and being productive toward them are important to self esteem. A sense of accomplishment, can help you feel good about who you are at the end of the day. But trouble begins if you have the thought “I must be productive all of the time.”

We are not robots. We are human beings, who cannot be productive all of the time. If we move too fast for too long, only focusing on work or school, we neglect other important needs we humans have. If we go too long without these needs being met, anxiety, depression, and burnout will occur.

Setting loft goals is a good thing. You can set the highest of  goals. However, it is crucial that you are realistic about what it is going to take to reach these goals, as well as, when and how you are going to pay attention to your needs in all other areas, or domains of your life.


We need to know what we need, and what we value in all areas of life, so that we can be mindful and intentional with our time toward all of these things. If you have big goals, you can reach them, but managing your time efficiently and effectively is what will get you there, without burning out.

At Empower Counseling we can teach you simple, yet effective, tools for time management that are proven effective, with college students, high school students and adults.

These methods have helped other Samford students who have come to Empower Counseling for Samford students.

Make the most of your time at Samford University, by reaching out for counseling for Samford students with Empower Counseling. We offer online and in-person counseling for Samford students who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and time management issues. Our compassionate counselors, Kathryn, Savannah and Marti are all trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, which is a proven effective therapy for anxiety and depression. We have successfully used ACT to help many Samford students, as well as University of Alabama, Birmingham-Southern, and Auburn students, find clarity about what is most important to them….and spend their time accordingly. Whether you are a college student seeking effective counseling, a teen, young adult, or a professional, Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama can help. Reach out to Empower Counseling today and begin making the most of your time. 205-730-6570

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