Group of LGBTQ+ youth holding a gay pride flag supporting each other. LGBTQ+ youth face their own set of unique challenges. Depression therapy in Birmingham, AL can help overcome these issues.

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects a large part of any population. But it is especially prevalent among LGBTQ+ youth. The causes can differ from person to person. However, the disorder itself often leads to similar struggles and negative outcomes if not treated. Especially amongst kids. It can be extremely important to address mental health concerns to ensure they don’t become more serious down the line. Since depression is so highly related to suicidal ideation it is even more important to start working on it. Our trained therapists at Empowered Counseling are here to help!

Prevalence of Depression in LGBTQ+ Youth

According to “…LGBT youth are typically well adjusted and mentally healthy. However, they experience higher rates of mental health challenges and increased health complications arising from these challenges compared to their heterosexual peers,”. What this means is that LGBT youth are at a higher risk for mental health disorders due to the increased stress of being LGBT. Especially in a world that is not always accepting of them.

Two young LGBTQ+ youth standing together wrapped in gay pride flags. Depression is more prominent in LGBTQ+ youth that have no support system. Get the support you need with counseling for LGBTQ+ youth in Alabama.

Roughly 40 percent of LGBTQ+ youth report seriously considering suicide in the past year

Research has found that they are two to seven times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. This means a large part of the LGBTQ+ youth population is experiencing symptoms of depression. This puts them at further risk for suicidal ideation down the line, and I don’t think I need to spell out why this means receiving mental health treatment is incredibly important for LGBTQ+ youth that is struggling. 

Causes of Depression in LGBTQ+ Youth

As stated above, LGBTQ+ youth themselves are not more likely to experience mental health disorders due to being LGBTQ+. Rather, the higher rates of mental health challenges come from their surrounding environment and the lack of acceptance many LGBTQ+ youth face.

Examples of these causes include:

Being afraid to come out due to family or others expressing bigoted views towards LGBTQ+ persons,

Rejection from family or friends after coming out,

Not feeling accepted by their community,

Experiencing threats of violence for something they cannot control.

It comes as no surprise that having to deal with these situations on a regular basis has a very negative impact on one’s mental health.

Supports Positive Impact on LBGTQ+ Youth

Research shows that LGBTQ+ youth have a much-reduced rate of suicide attempts if they are accepted by their peers. If they have their identity or orientation affirmed by those around them. And if they are shown support by family and friends after coming out.

This is another reason why receiving treatment is important. It can help you identify what is causing your depression and see what changes in your environment we can make to have a more satisfying and affirming life. 

Two young men hold a gay pride flag. Support is key in the healthy development of LGBTQ+ youth. Online counseling for LGBT!+ youth in Alabama can provide support and understanding.

How Empower Counseling for LGBTQ Youth Can Help 

At Empower Counseling we work with clients to help them learn to cope with their struggles in a healthy way and have a better understanding of what is causing their mental health struggles.

With LGBTQ+ youth it is even more important to show them that they are in control of their emotions and feelings. They need to know that they can make the commitment to working through their struggles. Knowing where our problems are coming from and how to handle them can have a great impact on one’s quality of life. Especially if you are struggling with depression.

We also show the importance of facing our struggles instead of ignoring them, and how processing what we have been through can help us feel more capable of handling problems that lie ahead. 

Begin Depression Counseling for LGBTQ+ Youth in Alabama.

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Other mental health services at Empower Counseling

Counseling for young adults isn’t the only service we offer in our Birmingham counseling clinic. Other mental health services Empower Counseling & Coaching provides include anxiety treatment, depression counseling, teen therapy, counseling for college students, difficult life transitions, and counseling for professionals.

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