I was recently consulted about ways to reduce the Monday blues. I thought I would share with you the some of the same tips I shared with the author of the article in Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global.

How to Beat the Monday Blues

One reason why the beginning of the work week can be so tough is that we abandon our normal sleep and eating routines on the weekends. If you have significantly different sleep and wake times, and if you eat richer foods than normal on the weekends, you will not feel like your best self when Monday morning rolls around. You can certainly break your routine somewhat, but don’t be extreme, if you want to feel good on Monday morning.

Another way to ward off the Monday morning blues or blahs is to completely put away your work over the weekend. Unplug. Disconnect. Do other things that fill you up. Spend time with friends, family and pets. Do things you don’t have time for during the week. Do the things you enjoy most.

Don’t overbook your Monday schedule. If you leave no breathing room, it is easy to get overwhelmed before the day even begins. Prioritize and only schedule the most important tasks on Monday. Other tasks can wait until later in the week.

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