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Right now, more than ever, it is easy to become overwhelmed. It seems like every time we turn around 2020 is hitting us with something else. So we have this long term stress of Covid-19 but we also have the moments of acute stress. Both types of stress take their toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. So what can we do? In a word…..journal.

Recently, I was honored to be interviewed by Better Homes and Gardens about journaling and stress.

It is true that depression and anxiety are on the rise right now. Caring for our mental and physical wellbeing has never been more important than it is right now.

Journaling can help alleviate stress during Covid times. Over one hundred studies have shown that journaling connected to your values, what is most important to you in your life, has significant mental and physical health benefits. This particular form of journaling is one of the most studied and more effective forms of psychological interventions.

Journaling in reference to what you value can help you feel more in control in the midst of scary or overwhelming situations.

“The feeling of being in control alleviates stress and anxiety. Right now there is so much that is going on around of us that is out of our control.”

“Focusing on what you can control versus what you cannot makes all of the difference in your level of stress. Connecting with what you value, through journaling, especially first thing in the morning as a part of a mindfulness routine, will start your day with a sense of control”.

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