Top 10 reasons ACT is effective therapy for University of Alabama students.


From the iconic Bryant-Denny Stadium to the historic Denny Chimes, the picturesque Quad to the energetic Coleman Coliseum, and the warm ambiance of Gallettes, the University of Alabama’s unique atmosphere serves as a backdrop for a fantastic college experience.

In our last article, we discuss the top 10 reasons why ACT is effective therapy for Auburn students, now, let’s discuss why it is effective for the University of Alabama students and why you as a student should consider choosing our services.

The college years are undeniably transformative, yet they also come with their fair share of challenges that can influence mental well-being. Recognizing the pivotal role of mental health in shaping a successful college journey, Empower Counseling and Coaching has wholeheartedly embraced the Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach as a potent counseling tool.

This approach offers many benefits that can aid University of Alabama students in navigating the intricacies of college life while nurturing robust mental health. Let’s discuss the ten most compelling reasons why ACT is a practical approach and how Empower Counseling and Coaching is harnessing it to guide University of Alabama students:

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1.    We Use ACT To Help University of Alabama Students Stop Procrastination

Many students at the University of Alabama face a common hurdle known as procrastination, which frequently leads to increased stress and a decline in academic performance.

A powerful solution to combat this issue, especially within the academic realm, is the utilization of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Empower Counseling and Coaching employs this therapeutic approach to tackle the underlying psychological factors contributing to procrastination.

By incorporating ACT, students are equipped with techniques that foster mindfulness and self-awareness, facilitating the disruption of the procrastination cycle.

Outlined below are practical strategies firmly rooted in ACT principles that Empower Counseling and Coaching employ to break free from the clutches of procrastination:

  • During our student counseling sessions, mindfulness exercises take center stage. Through mindfulness practice, individuals gain a heightened consciousness of their thoughts and emotions, particularly those triggering procrastination tendencies. Activities like deep breathing, meditation, and body scans create a mental buffer between the impulse to procrastinate and subsequent actions.
  • A pivotal step involves recognizing and clarifying personal values. Reflecting on enduring aspirations, such as academic achievements, knowledge acquisition, and future career preparedness, is essential as a student. By aligning tasks with these core values, motivation to complete them gains significant traction.
  • Within the framework of ACT, our therapists actively encourage establishing specific and attainable goals, followed by dedicated actions to achieve them. Breaking tasks into smaller, manageable components mitigates their overwhelming nature, subsequently minimizing the allure of procrastination.
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2. We Use ACT To Help Students Get Unstuck and Start Moving Forward; Therapy for University of Alabama Students

Addressed to University of Alabama students: Once we pinpoint the underlying elements at play, we urge you, the students, to engage in introspection. This means looking within and honestly evaluating your strengths and areas for growth while also acknowledging any harmful thought patterns that could be contributing to a sense of being stuck.

Remember, encountering obstacles and moments of uncertainty is a natural part of everyone’s journey. Yet, the key lies in identifying these moments and taking proactive steps to transform them into avenues of progress.

Equally vital in overcoming stagnation is the establishment of clear and attainable objectives. These objectives may pertain to your academic pursuits, personal endeavors, or a fusion of both.

By breaking down larger ambitions into smaller, manageable strides, you can mitigate the sense of overwhelm and enhance your chances of success. Ensure precision in your goals, devise a timeline, and take joy in your achievements. This approach cultivates a sense of forward momentum and bolsters your assurance and drive.

Also, seeking assistance and utilizing available resources is pivotal to propelling oneself forward. Don’t hesitate to seek aid, academic guidance or emotional support. Our therapists employ Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) to guide you in examining the thoughts and emotions that might impede your progress.

You can reignite your momentum and actively pursue your academic and personal aspirations through self-reflection and a steadfast dedication to transformation.

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3. Mitigating Overwhelm through ACT

For the University of Alabama students, our counselors utilize Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) to guide them in handling intense emotions. This approach emphasizes concentrating on aspects you can influence, proving essential in minimizing stress and fostering emotional strength.

Integrating mindfulness practices into everyday habits empowers you to better grasp your thoughts and feelings. This increased consciousness enables you to identify moments of being swamped by emotions and empowers you to manage them proactively.

You can uncover a deeper purpose and drive by staying attuned to your core values. This discovery can aid in confronting overpowering emotions and contribute to a richer and more rewarding college journey.

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4. Discovering Your Authentic Self with ACT Therapy for University of Alabama Students

Self-discovery is a fundamental aspect of the counseling journey at Empower. ACT facilitates this process beyond immediate college decisions, establishing a bedrock for lifelong learning and personal development. This authenticity empowers you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, leading to resilience and fortitude against societal pressures.

Exploring your inner self is vital to our counseling journey at the University of Alabama. Uncovering your true self, supported by ACT, extends beyond immediate decisions about your college experience. It lays the foundation for lifelong dedication to personal growth and continuous learning.

This genuineness is a guiding light, assisting you in navigating college life’s various challenges and possibilities. As you delve deeper into understanding who you are, you develop a greater resilience against societal pressures and gain the skills to uphold your principles confidently.

Being in tune with your passions and values enhances the likelihood of selecting academic paths that align with your ambitions. This, in turn, propels you to excel in your chosen fields and fuels your ongoing quest for knowledge.

5. Clarity Amid Choices with ACT

Amid the many options that come with college life, it can be simple to overlook the things that count. At the University of Alabama, our counselors employ ACT to assist you in defining your goals and choosing paths that match your principles. This newfound clarity lessens uncertainty and nurtures a strong sense of direction.

Moreover, ACT aids you in discovering a clearer sense of self and your convictions. Beyond that, it equips you with crucial life abilities, gives you the confidence to make meaningful choices, and guides you toward ongoing development and a constructive impact.

6. Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts with ACT

Negative thought patterns can escalate stress levels and erode self-esteem. Accepting these thoughts as part of the human experience diminishes their control over your actions and emotions.

Our counselors utilize ACT to equip you with tools to recognize and challenge unhelpful thoughts, fostering a balanced and constructive mindset and providing strategies for identifying and questioning these counterproductive thoughts. This will guide you toward a more even-keeled and positive way of thinking.

We also implement ACT to underscore the value of embracing acceptance. Instead of trying to push away or ignore negative thoughts, you’ll discover how to recognize and embrace them as a regular aspect of being human. This type of acceptance doesn’t imply surrendering to these thoughts; it involves acknowledging their existence without allowing them to control your emotions or actions.

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7. Transforming Fear into Aspirations with ACT

Fear can impede personal and academic growth. Our counselors employ ACT to pivot the focus away from these anxieties, channeling it towards ambitious objectives and cherished principles.

Using Counseling, you can nurture a mindset characterized by resilience and triumph, steering your attention toward positive consequences.

We also use ACT to shift focus from these fears to aspirational goals and values, fostering a mindset of resilience and achievement. Igniting passion and purpose enables you to uncover inner motivations, guiding you through the college journey.

8. Understanding Your Emotions with ACT

Frequently, the experience of being in college triggers a range of intense feelings, and some of these emotions can be difficult to grasp fully. Our therapists utilize Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) to guide you in exploring the underlying causes of your emotions. This approach aims to foster a deeper self-awareness and understanding of how you react to different situations.

Our therapists use ACT to train you to practice mindfulness with your thoughts, enabling you to calmly observe and inquire into these thoughts without passing judgment. This method assists in creating a psychological space between yourself and negative thought patterns, diminishing their ability to affect you strongly.

By acknowledging that thoughts aren’t absolute truths, you can challenge unhelpful thoughts and lessen their impact on your emotional well-being.

ACT also encourages introspection to comprehend the underlying reasons for these emotions, leading to enhanced self-awareness and insight into responses to various situations. Mindfulness techniques enable observation and questioning of thoughts, reducing their emotional impact.

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9. Boosting Self-Esteem with ACT

The importance of self-esteem cannot be overstated in terms of overall well-being. Our therapists employ Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to specifically target this aspect by nurturing self-compassion and embracing oneself during counseling sessions. By cultivating self-awareness and fostering self-love, you can cultivate a more positive self-perception and boost your self-esteem.

In our face-to-face counseling sessions, whether in person or online,  ACT is harnessed to empower you in cultivating a more profound sense of self-value through a non-judgmental and secure environment. This methodology aims to guide you in acknowledging your thoughts and feelings without imposing labels such as “positive” or “negative,” which effectively lessens the tendency toward self-critique.

Central to ACT, the practice of mindfulness significantly contributes to the enhancement of self-esteem. Our mindfulness exercises are designed to heighten your connection to the present moment, enabling you to observe your thoughts and emotions without becoming ensnared by them.

10. Enhancing Self-Confidence through ACT

Confidence plays a crucial role in navigating the varied terrain of college existence. We employ ACT to enable you to accept your abilities, address your uncertainties, and embark on well-judged ventures. This elevated self-assurance opens avenues to triumph in academics and development on an individual level.

As you advance through your collegiate voyage, the advantages of enhanced self-confidence become progressively apparent. Armed with a sturdy bedrock of self-belief fostered by the ACT encounter, your odds of excelling academically and delving into fresh prospects that bolster your personal growth substantially increase.

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Why Choose Empower Counseling and Coaching for Therapy for University of Alabama Students

Empower Counseling and Coaching boasts a team of therapists with extensive experience addressing college students’ mental health challenges. We prioritize an initial consultation to ensure a tailored fit for your counseling needs.

Our flexibility in scheduling, including quick emergency appointments, sets us apart. We offer in-person and online Counseling to suit your preferences and busy schedule.

With a deep understanding of the complexities of college life, Empower Counseling and Coaching offers expert guidance, personalized care, and a haven for introspection and growth.

Our counselors possess knowledge and hands-on experience in tackling diverse mental health issues unique to college students. Confidentiality, non-judgment, and personalized support are our cornerstones.

Advantages of Choosing Empower Counseling for University of Alabama Students

  • The counselors at Empower Counseling possess extensive expertise and practical familiarity with various psychological challenges that college students face.
  • Our counseling sessions are carefully customized to cater to the unique requirements of every student, delivering a tailored method that highlights individualized support and complete focus.
  • Empower Counseling ensures privacy and unbiased support, offering students a safe space to openly express their feelings without fearing judgment or examination.


As you navigate the challenges of college life, Empower Counseling and Coaching is here to assist. We specialize in anxiety and depression Counseling, using the ACT approach tailored to University of Alabama students. Let us support your journey toward a more fulfilling and successful college experience. When you’re ready to take the next step, follow our simple process:

  1. Reach out to Empower Counseling and schedule your initial appointment.
  2. Get acquainted with your therapist.
  3. Embark on your journey towards personal growth and success.

For more information about counseling services for University of Alabama students offered by Empower Counseling and Coaching, click here to learn more.

Therapy for University of Alabama Students is not the only service we offer in our Birmingham based counseling clinic. Marti, Savannah, and Kathryn use ACT for Depression counseling, anxiety treatment, counseling for PTSD and trauma counseling, as wells as difficult life transitions. Empower Counseling specializes in counseling for perfectionism. We offer our services-in person and online counseling-to teens, college students, young adults, and professionals.

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