Anxiety Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama: Acceptance Commitment Therapy at Empower Counseling Stands Out.

There are many great therapists in Birmingham, just like there are many great doctors in Birmingham. But every doctor is not an expert in every medical issue. You would not go to a cardiologist for a broken ankle. The same is true for therapy. Every therapist is different and they each offer a different version of therapy. So how do you find the right one for you?

Anxiety Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama is your Best Investment

Therapy is by far one of the best investments you can make in your future. Think about it…how much would you pay to enjoy your time more? To have better, easier, more fulfilling relationships? To like yourself more? To worry less? I can not think of anything else that contributes to a higher quality of life than therapy. Anything else you might buy will bring very short term happiness that does not last.

So knowing therapy is one of the best things you can do for yourself, how do you find the therapist and the therapy for you?

Does this Therapist specialize in the issues I am dealing with?

Question number 1 to ask about the therapists you find in your search is “Does this therapist specialize is the issues I am dealing with?”. Think about it. Do the best professional athletes split there time practicing 10 different sports? No, if they did they might become good at all of them but not elite at any of them. The same is true for doctors, lawyers, and therapists. If you do one thing all of the time, it is easier and more likely you will become an expert at it. The more someone specializes, the better the person can become at that specialty.

Anxiety Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama: More Specifically Acceptance Commitment Therapy

At Empower Counseling we specialize in Acceptance Commitment Therapy for anxiety therapy and depression therapy. All of our therapists, Kathryn, Adam, and Kristine, have completed undergraduate degrees and a masters degree in counseling. On top of that, we are each trained specifically in Acceptance Commitment Therapy. To learn more details about ACT you can click here. However, I will give you the short explanation.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy has several intricacies that I will not go into but here are the main aspects. We all pick up rigid rules about how life should be throughout our childhoods and development into adults. Often times it is these rules causing you difficulty in life because they do not align with the life you want to have. SO we begin by uncovering rigid rules, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts you have about yourself. It is these thoughts that are contributing in a big way to anxiety, depression, or simply being frustrated and stuck with your current life.

We will share mindfulness practices for you to become good at recognizing and letting go of these thoughts. One thing I love about ACT, is the self-compassion component. The way you see yourself and talk to yourself colors the way you experience others and the world around you. So we work on letting go of negative self talk and focusing on your strengths and unique “you-ness” that has great value to add to our world. Then we do value work. If you are clear on what is important to you in all areas of your life, you will become clear on the actions to take to have a more satisfying and fulfilling life. As you move toward that life, you will be moving away from anxiety, depression, or simply being stuck.

It is so Easy to Get Started

If you need anxiety therapy or therapy for depression, especially if you have tried other types of therapy before, try Acceptance Commitment Therapy at Empower Counseling. We have had many clients come in that have tried other types of therapy and not achieved the relief they sought. With ACT we have seen clients move away from stubborn anxiety and depression toward the lives they want.

We are accepting new clients at this time. It is easy to begin down the path to your best life.

  1. Call Empower Counseling 205-730-6570 or email us from the website home page
  2. Set up an appointment with your new therapist.
  3. Show up to your first appointment

We will help you the rest of the way!

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