Counseling for Anxiety and Burnout with Empower Counseling.

Let’s start with a common definition of burnout. Burn out is a state pf physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Most definitions attribute this state to excessive or prolonged stress. What most definitions do not include is that what we often label as stress is really anxiety.

The state of burnout can be reached in more than one way. However, at Empower Counseling, since we specialize in anxiety counseling for teens, college students and adults, we often see anxiety causing burnout.

Signs and symptoms you need counseling for anxiety and burnout with Empower Counseling:

Burn out comes on gradually overtime. The amount of time it takes to achieve the state of burnout depends on the level of stress or anxiety the individual is suffering.

We have had so many clients come for anxiety counseling at Empower Counseling who say “I have always been so productive but all of a sudden I don’t feel like doing anything. I have lost all motivation.”

This is a major sign of burnout.

Here are some other signs and symptoms you might be suffering from burnout and need counseling for anxiety and burnout with Empower Counseling.

You feel physically tired all of the time, even when you are getting plenty of sleep.

When we are under stress and anxiety, our body produces more cortisol. Here is how it works. Anxiety triggers a combination of signals from your hormones and your nerves. These signals send a message to your adrenal gland to release adrenaline and cortisol. We need this response to manage dangerous situations. This is our fight or flight response, our body’s way of protecting us from harm. However, if your body is under prolonged anxiety or stress, your body’s flight or flight response does not turn off. Not only can this interrupt or wreak havoc on your body’s systems and processes, it causes fatigue and exhaustion. Your body is literally on over drive all of the time.

You are procrastinating.

Maybe once you were an incredibly productive person in all aspects of life and that seems like it changed all of a sudden. When we drive ourselves hard enough, long enough, we deplete our bodies physically, which leads to being emotionally and mentally depleted. When mentally depleted, it is no longer possible to push ourselves any further. Procrastination, as a result of burnout, is your mind’s way of saying, “ I can not take any more…I need to rest.” Not always, but Procrastination is often your mind’s last effort to protect itself and recover.

You are easily irritated and frustrated with others

When we are emotionally and mentally exhausted we necessarilly have a short fuse. The little things that use to roll off of our backs are now getting stuck under our skin. This is when burnout begins to affect more than just you. If we are emotionally and mentally exhausted, we have nothing good to offer those we care about. We cannot possibly be the best version of ourselves.

We have just scratched the surface of the signs, symptoms, and effects of burnout.

If you think you are suffering from burnout, or if you are in need of anxiety counseling, so you do not reach burnout, reach out to Kathryn, Adam, or Kristine with Empower Counseling. We specialize in and are all trained in the use of Acceptance Commitment Therapy for anxiety and depression. It also works for burnout. We will help you get to the root cause of your anxiety so that you can function better, enjoy life more, and avoid burnout.

With Empower Counseling anxiety therapy and depression counseling is convenient to Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, downtown Birmingham, and other surrounding areas. We offer in-person and telehealth, or online counseling, appointments according to your schedule- even nights and weekends. We serve teens, college students, young adults, and professionals. Kristine even helps older children as well.

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