A girl smiles while using her laptop. She is feeling happy after starting counseling for college students through online therapy in Auburn, AL with Empower Counseling.
  1. Research shows that the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client is absolutely essential to the success of the client. Some even conclude that it is the most important common factor of successful outcomes. If your student is able to get into the counseling center at school, he or she will be assigned a therapist. Chances are there will be no choice in the matter. Knowing that the relationship between the therapist and the student client is the most important factor in the outcome of therapy, do you want to leave the decision to chance? At Empower Counseling we will take the time to consult with you over the phone before you ever make an appointment to make sure we are the best fit for counseling.
  1. Student counseling centers are busy and often full. It can take a matter of weeks to get in. If your child/young adult is struggling away from home it is difficult to wait weeks for a much needed appointment. Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama recognizes and prioritizes emergencies and can often get new clients seen in a matter of days.
  1. Student counseling centers do not have flexible office hours. Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama offers flexible hours to work around your student’s school schedule of classes and activities. We will find a convenient time that works.
A girl holds a paper sign that rads 'help.' She is looking forward to starting counseling for college students through online therapy in Auburn, Alabama with Empower Counseling.
  1. Student counseling centers typically offer only in-person counseling. Empower Counseling offers in person counseling for the Birmingham, Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, and Hoover areas, as well as, Samford and Birmingham-Southern students. Empower offers online counseling for anyone from the University of Alabama and Auburn University who does not want to make the drive. Online counseling is often the most convenient for college students. We all know how difficult it is to find parking on campus. Online counseling is effective, easy, and you don’t have to loose your parking place. 
  1. Student Counseling centers do not offer much privacy. Obviously, I applaud anyone who makes the decision to go to counseling. However, college students don’t always want others on campus to know their personal struggles or that they are going to counseling. You never know who you will run into coming or going from the student counseling center. Empower Counseling offers counseling from the privacy of your student’s own room or apartment or in office. It will then be completely up to your student whether he or she wants to share that he/she is attending counseling or not. No one will see your student coming or going from counseling.
  1. Counselors at student counseling centers are not specialists. They address whatever issues the student has who walks into their offices. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach and it is completely warranted in a school setting. But if you have a student struggling with severe anxiety or depression, don’t you want a counselor in Birmingham, Alabama who specializes in treating anxiety and depression? As a counselor at Empower Counseling, I have been advanced trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy or ACT which is proven effective for the treatment of anxiety and depression.
A girl smiles while using a laptop. She is happy with her decision to start counseling for college students through online therapy in Auburn, Alabama with Empower Counseling.
  1. Often, student counseling centers are so busy that students are only able to get appointments every other week or once every 3 weeks. Therapy every other week can definitely be effective. But therapy once a week maybe what you and your student are looking for, especially for more serious issues like depression or panic attacks. If Empower Counseling in Birmingham Alabama has room for new clients, there will be space for your student once a week if you so choose.
  1. Counselors at the student counseling center at your student’s school might not have children who have experienced college life and all that it entails. As a counselor in Birmingham, Alabama at Empower Counseling, I have 3 children, two of whom are in college. I have seen their college experiences up close and know the ups and downs. 
  1. Student counseling centers typically cap the number of sessions a student is allowed to attend at the student counseling center. The number of sessions offered may not be enough to get your child/young adult to the outcomes you want. Some issues take longer than others to work through and resolve. At Empower Counseling there are no constraints to the number of sessions allowed. As your student’s counselor I will assess the needs of your student, set goals for counseling with your student, and work until we have done everything we can to reach such goals.
Three college students sit together at a table talking. They are feeling better after starting online therapy in Auburn, AL with Empower Counseling.
  1. To build on #9…with a limited number of sessions to spend with your student, there is only so much that even the best counselors at the student counseling center can accomplish with your child. As your student’s (from Samford, Birmingham-Southern, Auburn, or Alabama) counselor in Birmingham, Alabama, I will help uncover the thoughts and the actions causing your student’s issues. Then we will focus on all areas of your student’s life to find clarity about what your student values and who she/he wants to be. Then we will focus on actions to get her/him there. If your student needs help with productivity, time management skills, using a planner/calendar, and establishing healthy habits, we will spend time focusing on every necessary area to achieve the outcome your student wants to achieve. 

Who you or your student chooses for counseling is a big deal. Don’t leave it to chance. Do your research and find the counselor who is the best fit for helping your child, not only with her/his current issues, but also to help her/him reach her/his full potential. To learn more about your counselor in Birmingham Alabama click here or more about counseling for college students with Empower Counseling click here.


I get it, life can be overwhelming and things don’t always go how we want them to. While this can be difficult, I’m here to help in my Birmingham counseling clinic or online. I provide anxiety treatment and depression counseling using the ACT approach. To help navigate new challenges, I provide resources for difficult life transitions. In addition, I provide depression counseling, online therapy to college students in Aubrun, and at UofA. When you’re ready to work with me, follow these steps:

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3. Start your journey towards a more fulfilling life!

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