Counseling for College Students to Prepare for Graduation.

While graduation is a time for celebrating your achievements, it is also often a time of increased stress and anxiety about the future. There can be a lot of change happening in your life over the next few months, and for a lot of college students it can feel overwhelming. If this is the case for counseling for college students with Empower Counseling can help you navigate this trying time.

This Can Be a Difficult Time

There are many reasons you might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed at the thought of graduating. One of the most common reasons we see is that this is a time of transition from student life to what many see as their first experience of true adulthood.


We do spend the first twenty odd years of our lives in school, so it is only natural that moving on from that can be a cause of stress. This often leads to another common cause of anxiety, feeling like you are unprepared for that transition. If we feel we are not ready or don’t know what lies ahead for us we can spiral into anxious thoughts about the uncertainty of our future. Instead of coming up with solutions, we might internalize this and think that we are not capable of making the transition. Thoughts of not being capable can lead to self-sabotage and avoiding making the necessary decisions to move forward!


Another common stressor is how our relationships may change. Moving somewhere away from our support network, having them move away, or worrying about how we will try to maintain them are common concerns for college students. In addition to this, being on our own for the first time and feeling isolated from our support network can contribute to feeling overwhelmed. Whatever is causing you anxiety about graduation, it is important to be aware of it. Through counseling for college students, Empower Counseling can help you become aware of all of the issues causing you anxiety and and guide you toward solutions.

Counseling or Life Coaching for College Students with empower counseling?

Life Coaching for College Students with Empower Counseling

If you are experiencing increased stress and anxiety about graduation coming up it is important to know what kind of help would serve you best. At Empower Counseling we offer both counseling and life coaching services in order to meet a variety of mental health needs. For those who are wanting advice on making this transition and figuring out goals for your life, life coaching is likely to be a better fit for you. We can work on coming up with a plan to get through the changes that will happen and help you develop a plan for where you want your life to go from here.

Counseling for College Students with Empower Counseling

We also work with clients on adapting to change and share methods teaching clients how to cope with their stressors in a healthy way. It’s important to make decisions because they are the right ones and not because our anxiety is getting us to avoid something difficult. If you feel what you are struggling with is more severe, that it is getting to the point where you are struggling to function or that you can’t handle it, then counseling is for you. We practice a type of counseling called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) that teaches clients to identify their unhelpful thoughts and commit themselves to action to better their lives. We work with clients to better understand where the root of their issues and learn to see the present moment for what it is. If you feel like your anxiety has started to overtake your life, or if you are fighting with depression and feeling overwhelmed, then it is time to reach out about counseling services so you enter this new part of your life as the healthiest version of yourself!

At Empower Counseling & Coaching, all three of our licensed counselors, Kathryn, Adam, and Kristine, are trained in ACT. ACT is scientifically proven effective therapy for anxiety and depression. ACT also transitions well to life coaching in that we use it to help clients find purpose and direction. In addition for counseling and life coaching for college students, we offer counseling and life coaching for young adults, and counseling and life coaching for professionals. Whether you are a student at the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Birmingham-Southern College, or right down the street at Samford University, you can schedule your appointment immediately for in-person or online counseling. Email from the home page and begin down the path toward the life you want.

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