Counseling for Samford University Students with Empower Counseling: 3 Reasons it Can Help You

Spring at Samford University can be so beautiful….and busy! Performing in Step Sing at the Samford University Wright Center, watching a baseball game in the stands at Joe Lee Griffin Field, or simply strolling around the beautiful campus…there is so much to do! When there is so much fun to be had in other areas of your life, how do you manage to study and make the grades you want to make?

Counseling for Samford University with Empower Counseling: 3 Reasons it can help you. Reason #1:

  1. Self-Esteem

The social scene at Samford University is a busy one. If you are struggling with social anxiety or self-esteem issues, therapy can help. Social anxiety and self-esteem are closely related. If you are anxious about what others think of you, that is because of the image you have of yourself. It is because of how you criticize your imperfections. If you don’t love who you are, you will assume others are judging you as harshly as you are judging yourself. Therefore, if you do not enjoy high self-esteem, you will be anxious in social situations.

Through Acceptance Commitment Therapy or ACT for short, Kathryn, Adam, or Kristine can help guide you from a place of low self-esteem and anxiety, to a place of high self-esteem and confidence.

Reason #2

2. Time Management:

With so much opportunity for involvement and so much fun to be had, it is incredibly helpful to become a time management Ninja. Samford is ranked number one in the nation for student engagement. That means you are sooooo busy. If you maximize your productivity and minimize the wasting of time, you can be very social AND do very well academically. This takes a system of time management, together with mindful and intentional planning. Most individuals become overwhelmed when it comes to planning out and scheduling all that they have to do. This causes procrastination, stress, and underperformance.

Counseling for Samford University students with Empower Counseling in Birmingham can help you. We can teach you an effective time management system. We break it down in such a way that it is not overwhelming and completely doable. If you struggle with managing everything you have going on in your life, think you are wasting too much time, and not achieving the results you want, counseling for Samford University students with Empower Counseling is for you.

Therapy for Samford University students: Reason #3

3.           Depression and Anxiety

Studies show 60% of college students are suffering from at least one mental health issue.

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you are not enjoying your life and your college experience at Samford University the way you could. Your grades and social life will both suffer. You do not have to live this way. Empower Counseling offers Counseling for Samford University students in-person, 5 minutes down the street. We also offer online counseling if you prefer. We use Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help you go from procrastination, low self-esteem, anxious, and depressed to enjoying your most satisfying and fulfilling life.

Counseling for Samford University students and all college students in the state of Alabama, are not the only service our Birmingham counseling clinic offers. We also offer counseling for teens, young adult counseling, and and counseling for professionals.

It is simple to begin down the path of living your best life. Empower Counseling offers counseling for college students according to your schedule. We are located in Office Park right off of Hwy 280 in Mountain Brook, 5 minutes from Samford University campus.

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