Do I have anxiety?

You may be asking yourself, how do I know if I have anxiety? I could give you the technical definitions of all of the different types of anxieties and list the symptoms of each but I’m not sure that would answer your question. Plus how boring is that? Instead I would like for you to ask yourself one question: “Are there things in my life that I wish I could do but I am not doing because I am too scared or too nervous?”. Think about that for a minute or two. Do you wish you could go to that dance at school, but you are too scared to go? Do you want to make that presentation at work or ask for that promotion but you are afraid to speak in front of others or stand up for yourself? Are you too busy worrying about the fans in the stands looking at you during the game, to focus on your performance and have fun with your teammates? Do you spend much of your day worrying about what someone thinks about something you said instead of going out and living life? Do you wish you could go to your daughter’s dance recital but there are too many people there? We all have fears and worries from time to time about different things. But if your fears and worries are getting in the way of you doing the things you want to do, the things that bring you joy or satisfaction, then maybe its time for some help. Now here is the even more important question to ask yourself: Am I ready to try a new way of approaching my fears and worries?

If you are, ACT therapy or life coaching can EMPOWER you to get back to doing the things in life you once enjoyed but you no longer do. Or ACT therapy or life coaching can help EMPOWER you do things you have wanted to do but have always been afraid to do. Doesn’t that sound fantastic??? Who doesn’t want to live their most valued life?

Stay tuned for my next post: The Teenage Brain.

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