Empower counseling for college students in Alabama: Holistic approach.

Your child has gone off to college. You have mixed emotions. On one hand this is what you have both been working toward. On the other hand it is difficult to let go of your child. You have been taking care of that child’s needs for 18 years, some basic and some more complication. Even though you have prepared them as best you could, is your college student ready to take care of himself or herself?

College is a difficult transition to say the least. Students have to consciously think about meeting their own needs. Not only that, some of these needs were completely taken care of by others until the day they left for college. Because some of these needs were handled by others, some of these needs are easy for the college student to ignore.

For example, if a parents or caregiver provided all meals for their student, thinking about and taking the time to find good food may not be a priority to the student. Often students simply associate how much they eat with what they weigh, not considering the real consequences of not providing their bodies and brains with the necessary calories and nutrients. According to a distinguished professor of medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine, “As an energy consumer, the brain is the most expensive organ we carry around with us”.

Empower Counseling for college students: Wholistic Approach


The brain only makes up 2% of a person’s body weight. However, the brain is responsible for 20% of the body’s energy use. If your student is not supplying their brain with enough calories and nutrients, they cannot make the most of of their education. Studying for a big biology exam when you have not eaten sufficient calories or you have not eaten in the last several hours would be like running a 10k without eating dinner the night before.


Most students are unaware of the effect their phones are having on their ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep. In 2021, a peer-reviewed study revealed that 40% of college students are addicted to their smartphones and these students have poorer quality sleep because of it. Of the 40% of students addicted to smart phones, over two-thirds of them had poor sleep quality.

Researchers also found that students who stopped using their device an hour before bed were less likely to be addicted than those who stopped 30 minutes before bedtime. To be considered addicted to their smart phone by researchers: Students who…

Spent more than 5 hours a day on smartphone

Could not control how long they spent on phone.

Felt distressed when they did not have access to phone

Who missed life activities as a result of smartphone use

Even the most prepared students can struggle with the transition to college. Even if they think about having healthy sleep and eating behaviors, it is difficult to do. Dorms are loud and busy, and access to food is not as easy as when living at home.

Empower Counseling specializes in counseling college students. Our Acceptance Commitment Therapy trained therapists assess your college student holistically. The mind and the body can not be separated. Good sleep and eating habits greatly affect how the brain functions. How the brain functions affects mental health. If your student is struggling to adjust or has full-blown anxiety or depression, Empower Counseling is here to help. We will assess nutrition, sleep, physical health, along with current mental state to gain a complete picture of your student.

We offer online counseling and in-person counseling for college students living and attending school in the state of Alabama. Former and current college clients attend the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Samford University, and Birmingham-Southern College. Our caring and knowledgeable counselors will help your student understand what complete care of their minds and bodies looks like-what habits are healthy and will lead to success in school and which habits will not. We will address thoughts and behaviors that are unhelpful to your student and provide tools for strong mental wellbeing.

We offer other services at our Birmingham area counseling clinic such as counseling for teens, counseling for young adults, and counseling for professionals. At Empower, we only use scientifically proven methods of counseling for anxiety and depression.

Contact Empower Counseling at our Birmingham, Alabama area counseling clinic and set up your student’s first appointment today. Kathryn, Adam, and Kristine are here to help. 205-730-6570

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