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Online counseling for University of Alabama students with Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama.: Summer is a great time to begin.

Here are the top 5 Reasons:

  1. This school year was like none other.

Whether your University of Alabama student had Covid-19 or not, Covid affected her/his life at school last year.

Nothing was normal. Covid-19 interfered with your student’s ability to connect and interact with others in some way. Whether your child was having to learn through online classes in a dorm room, instead of attending classes in-person, or she had no sorority functions to attend with her sisters, her year looked completely different from years past. 

This deviation from the norm has a long-term effect on your student’s wellbeing. 

2.  Your student has suffered a loss.

Your student may have suffered the loss of a loved one, or simply suffered the loss of a year of normal college life. This may be how college was described to you when you were young- “the best years of your life”. We typically only get 4 years in college. We can not get this past year back. Whether your college student was a freshman or a senior, she has lost a year to Covid.

How she deals with this loss can affect her future. Giving her the gift of online counseling for University of Alabama students with Empower Counseling to work through this loss can help her move forward into her future in a healthy way.

3.   College students are at a stage in life when connection to others means the most.

Let’s look at the human development side of things. College students are at a stage in life in which they need to be around other people the most. They crave connection with others because they need it to develop. They are moving away from their family and toward their friends. It is the natural order of things. But Covid-19 has disrupted the natural order. Many college students had to move back home, at least for a while. These students are finding themselves stuck, spending too much time in their rooms, losing the independence they have gained. This could prove to be a setback in their development. 

4.  College students with varying degrees of social anxiety may be suffering more. 

Not everyone finds the social side of college easy to navigate.

For some college students, the social scene can be scary, causing them to avoid being in social settings. Covid-19 has caused many students to retreat completely back into their shells afraid to come out. Summer is a great time to offer online counseling for University of Alabama students with Empower Counseling. Kathryn, with Empower Counseling, can help your student move away from anxiety and toward a full social life.

5.  College students may have lost confidence due to Covid-19.

Online learning can be a struggle for many students.

When our students struggle, they can lose confidence in their abilities. This loss of confidence can change the entire trajectory of their college experience. Instead of struggling alone to get back to a place of confidence, summer is a great time to offer online counseling for University of Alabama students with Empower Counseling to your student. Empower Counseling can help your student gain confidence and clarity. Empower will help her know exactly what she wants the remained of her college experience to look like and the actions it will take to get her there.

If your student has been living in Alabama for school, Empower can help your college student through online therapy, even if your student is going home temporarily to another state.

Contact Kathryn at Empower Counseling today to begin online counseling for University of Alabama Students this summer. 

Empower counseling not only offers online counseling for college students. In our Birmingham area counseling clinic we offer anxiety counseling, as well as, depression counseling for young adults, professionals, and teens

Empower Counseling is convenient to Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, and other surrounding areas of downtown Birmingham.

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For more on finding a therapist for your college student: Psychology Today.

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