Resilience is the key to mental health. SO…

Resilience is the key to mental health: What is Resilience?

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of trauma, threats, tragedy, adversity, or significant sources of stress—such as relationship problems, family stress, serious health problems, or work and financial stressors.

Becoming more resilient not only helps you get through difficult circumstances, it also empowers you to grow and even improve your life along the way.

The good news is that you do not have to be born resilient. It is not a personality trait. You can learn to be more resilient. Resilience encompasses thoughts, behaviors and actions that anyone can develop. 

Increasing your resilience simply takes time, mindfulness, and intentional action.

How to Build resilience with Empower Counseling:

You increase resilience by becoming aware of and letting go of any cognitive distortions (unhealthy thinking), holding the picture of yourself and your life lightly, strengthening connection with others, and finding meaning and purpose in life.

Empower Counseling is a good place to start strengthening your resilience.

Kathryn at Empower Counseling is advanced tailed in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Acceptance Commitment Therapy is proven to help you overcome difficult transitions in your life, like losing a loved one, graduating from college, getting a divorce, or becoming an empty nester. 

But, did you know the use of Acceptance Commitment Therapy techniques can help you prepare for these difficult life events by helping you learn how to be more resilient? If you are resilient when these traumatic and difficult events occur in your life, you will be able to bounce back more quickly and better than if you are not resilient. 

SO even if you are not going through a difficult transitions, or riddled with anxiety or depression, Empower counseling can still help you strengthen your mental health by helping you gain the tools to develop strong resilience. 

Acceptance Commitment Therapy for Resilience:

ACT is a powerful framework through which to build resilience. How does ACT work to help you build resilience?:

  1. Uncover and let go of cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are thoughts or ways of thinking that are unhelpful to you. We will uncover these thoughts that are keeping you from being your happiest and most resilient self.

2. We will use the framework of the 8 Domains of a healthy life:

Mental & Physical Wellbeing and Self-Care

Intimate Love Relationship

Parenting & Family

Friends & Community

Spirituality & Faith

Pursuit (Career) & Finances

Learning & Self-Growth

Adventure/ Artistic Expression/ Leisure

We will use the framework of the 8 domains of a healthy life to gain clarity around what you value most. Gaining clarity around your values will point you directly toward your purpose and help you find greater meaning in life. 

Then we will determine what actions will take you closer to what you value. These actions will increase your self-esteem and self-confidence-empowering you to feel capable. These actions will strength your connection in your relationships. And these actions will help you find purpose and greater meaning in life.

So you can see that whether you are going through a difficult life transition now, or you just want to prepare yourself to be more resilient when you encounter your next difficult life transition, Acceptance Commitment Therapy with Empower Counseling is a great choice. 

For more on resilience:

Therapy for difficult life transitions is not the only type of therapy offered in our Birmingham area counseling clinic. Kathryn is advanced trained in ACT for depression and anxiety counseling. She helps teens, college students, and young adults develop self-esteem and self-confidence while moving away from anxiety and depression. Kathryn is a former attorney as well, so she has a unique perspective that she is able to use counseling of professionals as well.  

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