Teen Depression counseling: by Empower Counseling

Teen depression counseling by Empower Counseling.

Depression can occur at any age but the symptoms can look different in teens with depression.

Teens are in a completely different stage of development that adults are. The stage of development of the teenage brain contributes to higher highs and lower lows than we tend to experience as adults. The reason everything seems like a big deal to our teenagers is….because their brains are signaling to them that it is. When we are teens, our brains are being run by the middle part of the brain, the Amygdala. The Amygdala is the part of the brain in charge of emotions. As a teen the Amygdala is fully formed, and the frontal lobe, the executive function part of the brain is not. In fact, the frontal lobe, the logical decision-making part of the brain is not fully developed until we are around 25 years old. Because the teen’s brain is being run by the emotion-centered part of the brain, the highs they experience are higher and the lows are lower. What might have little effect on someone in say her 40’s might have a devastating effect on a 17 year old. Understanding how teens are wired helps us understand just how much they feel and how hard it can be to manage such strong emotions.

Going back to school can trigger overwhelming thoughts.

Overwhelming thoughts can trigger strong emotions.

Back to school can bring more prevalent peer pressure, expectations about how teens will perform academically and athletically. For most teens, the summer can be a more relaxing time, when they do not have to focus on results and expectations. Back to school can mean back to pressure for many teen students. It becomes time to worry about performance and results again. Time to manage expectations of parents, teachers, and coaches-and their own expectations of themselves.

Teens feel A LOT. That can be hard to manage. Feelings of sadness, and some moodiness are normal and no cause for alarm. But if you notice a change in your teen, pay attention.

Signs and symptoms of depression in teens can include:

Feelings of sadness that last, maybe with crying spells for no apparent reason.

Irritability or annoyed mood- We can all irritable at times but if your teen is “prickly” all of the time, it can be a sign of depression.

Loss of interest in activities your teen used to enjoy.

Isolating- If your teen is not going out with friends and spending all of her time in her room away from everyone.

Low self-esteem

Any statements concerning hopelessness or worthlessness.

If your teen acts like nothing matters anymore.

If your teen reports thoughts of suicide.

If you think your teen is depressed do not wait. Talk to your child. If your child does not feel comfortable or chooses not to confide in you, offer counseling as an option. Explain that seeking help from a professional is a sign of intelligence and strength, not weakness. If you think your child is suicidal, call 911 and do not leave your child alone.

If you are not sure whether your child is depressed and needs help, call Empower Counseling. We are happy to answer questions and be of assistance if at all possible.

Being a teen in today’s society is tough.

We are here to help them navigate when they are experiencing pain and difficulty. We will arm them with tools to deal with their strong emotions in a healthy and productive way. We can teach them time management skills that stop the procrastination and overwhelm caused by their busy schedules. We know that because it is difficult to be a teen in today’s world, it is harder than ever to be the parent of a teen.

Teen depression counseling:

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Our knowledgeable and compassionate counselors, Kathryn, Adam & Kristine  are trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy for anxiety and depression. We specialize in counseling for anxiety and counseling for depression whether in person or online.

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