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Therapy for teens and college students with Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama is more necessary than ever before. Our teens and college students need support right now. Teens are in a stage of human development in which it is so important to work their way toward their own identities and independence, which they can not actively do well stuck at home with parents all of the time. 

A new report on mental health conducted and published by the Child Mind Institute and the California Partners Project, looked in depth at how teens are coping during this Covid-10 pandemic.

Researchers interviewed 46 teens ages 13-17 year olds. These teens were asked in depth questions and they were asked to keep journals with details about their habits and lifestyles. 

What they found is that teens are not doing well.

The teens in the study who were previously diagnosed with mental health disorders reported experiencing more symptoms since the pandemic began.

The teens in the study who were not previously suffering from diagnosed mental health disorders were suffering with symptoms of:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Worrying about the future
  4. Uncertainty of what affects the pandemic will have on their lives
  5. Less sleep
  6. More screen time

Researchers involved in this study concluded that every teen’s mental health is being affected by this Covid-19 pandemic in some way….EVERY TEEN. These statistics point to the fact that therapy for teens and college students with Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama is so important.

What can we do as parents to support our teens and bring them closer to good mental health and wellbeing?

  1. Encourage exercise. 65% of the teens in the study were not exercising at all. Physical exertion releases mood boosting hormones in our brains. So some form of exercise will help ward off depression and anxiety, at least some.

2.  Encourage your teen to get involved in something new. So many of our teens are unable to participate in their normal after school and after school activities due to Covid 19. Instead of sitting at home focusing on this loss, encourage your teens to find a new interest or hobby. 

3.  Encourage socially distanced small meet ups with friends. Teens are finding themselves and should be pulling away from parents and gravitating towards their tribes or groups. Offer ways outside at your home for a few friends to gather…maybe 6 feels apart around a fire pit roasting marshmallows or drinking hot chocolate.

4.  Find fun family games or activities that do not involve screens.  Family game night can be a great way to interact and laugh without looking at screens

5. Give your teen choices and responsibilities. Teens don’t want everything done for them. Give your teens opportunities to practice “adulting”. Maybe let them help plan and shop for meals or take over a project at your home. Now more than ever a sense of accomplishment and growth is so important.

6. Watch for signs of increasing anxiety and depression. Here are some things to watch for with your teen:

a. Isolation: If you child or teen is isolating himself/herself more and more…

b. Change in sleep habits. If your teen is sleeping much more or having trouble sleeping…

c. If your teen is becoming more and more irritable…

d. If your teen is losing interest in all activities she/he used to enjoy…

e. If grades are dropping significantly….

All of the above are signs of depression or anxiety in your teen. If you see these signs it is time to reach out for therapy for college students or therapy for teens with Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama. Empower offers counseling for college students online or in person in our Birmingham, Alabama office, as well as counseling for teens.

For more on this study click here.


Starting college can be a scary transition. There is a level of responsibility that previously wasn’t there. Fortunately, counseling for college students can help. I can help you find your way, either in my Birmingham area counseling clinic or online. As a caring counselor, I help college students discover who they are and what they want. To start your counseling for college students, follow these steps: journey toward a more self-confident, clear future, follow these simple steps: 

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Life is weird right now, isn’t it? There’s a lot of new rules we have to navigate and conversations we must have that we thought we never need to have. So, I bet you don’t feel super prepared and probably feel overwhelmed.  I am here to support as a counselor. For your convenience, I offer many services in my Birmingham, AL counseling clinic and online in Alabama. I provide depression counseling and anxiety counseling. Maybe you’re facing something you haven’t before, whether it’s a new job, new college, or other life change. To help with this, I provide counseling for teenscollege students, and professionals. In addition, I offer life transitions counseling and life coaching. To help with the weirdness of being a 20-something,  I provide counseling for young adults. Overall, I’m here to help with whatever is bringing you down. 

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