Overcoming procrastination: Time Management skills from Empower Counseling.

Does your college student struggle with procrastination? Chances are you student is not lazy. Your student is most likely in need of better time management skills.

Poor Time Management Impacts Mental Wellbeing

Time management is the key to strong mental health. Strong mental health is necessary for peak performance in college and in the other domains or areas of life.

I have seen hundreds of clients who came to therapy with issues of stress, anxiety, and depression. During therapy we drill down to the thoughts causing these issues. One of the most common thoughts leading to stress, overwhelm, procrastination, and ultimately anxiety and depression, is “I don’t have time”.

Let me explain. Most people tend to keep their thoughts swirling around in their heads, trying to mentally keep their lives straight. This is common and always a problem. When we keep everything we need to do in our heads, our brains see the number of things we have to do, and having no idea how long each will actually take, the brain assumes “I don’t have time”. That thought leads to overwhelm and procrastination. If your brain tells you that you don’t have time, you will not start on your list. You will procrastinate. Procrastination leads to mounting stress, anxiety, and depression. The closer you get to the deadline without starting on a task, the more anxious you become. Your nervous system is taxed. You become more and more behind with all of the mounting tasks you are putting off. Eventually the pressure becomes debilitating. You are not being the person you want to be, doing the things you want and need to do. Eventually you dig yourself into such a deep hole you can not see a way out.

This downward spiral all begins with one little thought, “I don’t have time”. Therefore, one key element of strong mental health and a satisfying and fulfilling life is time management. You have to prove to your brain you have time to get your tasks completed. This sounds simple, right? It is simple, but it will take some time and effort to organize your life into simplicity

Empower Counseling Specializes in Time Management Strategies and Skills

If you or your college student is struggling with time management, we will first determine what is important in your life.

Your life is made up of specific, connected areas or domains that are all important, to some degree, to your quality of life. If you are completely satisfied in your domains, you will have a higher quality of life. When you have a high quality of life, you have good mental health and achieve more. Your domains, and what is important to you within your domains, will be your guide. Anytime you take action that moves you toward what is important to you, you are moving closer to good mental health. If you are wasting a lot of your time, you are not as satisfied with your life as you would be if you are using that time toward what is important to you.

Time is a finite resource and college students commit a great deal of time toward school.  We understand that.  However, it is possible to have more to life than just going to class and studying, (or just having fun) and we can help you or your college student pursue a balanced and fulfilling life.  We want you to THRIVE. By becoming aware of what is important to you in each domain, mindfully prioritizing, and intentionally scheduling and taking action toward your domains, you will THRIVE!

“I Don’t Have Time”

“I don’t have time.”  Have you ever said that to yourself as an excuse for not doing something that you should do or you want to do?  Chances are you had the time and just didn’t know it.  Time poverty is as much in your head as it is in your schedule.  Time studies show that we waste more time than we realize, sacrificing areas of our lives that contribute to happiness and diminishing physical and mental wellbeing and productivity.  Without even knowing it, we waste away the hours we need to live a more fulfilling life. 

Our counselors at Empower Counseling will help your college student do a time audit to learn how he or she is wasting time. We will help you student become clear on what is important to them, and what their goals are for this chapter of life. Then we will help your student learn and implement the strategies necessary to be mindful and intentional with their time toward what is important to them.

Kathryn, Adam, and Kristine of Empower Counseling are all trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy. We specialize in anxiety counseling, counseling for depression, perfectionism, procrastination and time management. It is easy to schedule your first appointment.

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