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Is perfectionism driving your anxiety? Let’s see. Anxiety counseling for perfection with Empower Counseling might be for you.

Perfectionism is setting bar for yourself that is impossible to reach then beating yourself up with self-criticism for not reaching it. 

You might be surprised to know that 30% of the population are perfectionists and 80% of the gifted population (IQ of 115 or higher) are perfectionists. 

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you might be a perfectionist. If you answer yes to more than one question, you are probably a perfectionist. 

1. You procrastinate as your to do list , swirling around in your head

2. You are constantly trying to prove your worth to others

3. Constantly feel like a failure

4. Often focusing on the parts of you that you need to fix

5. Constantly comparing yourself to others

6. Experience shame about your perceived short comings

7. Feeling like you are not living up to expectations (your own, society, family)

8. Have trouble relaxing- always feel like you should be doing something or doing more

9. You are controlling in your relationships.

There are 3 types of perfectionists. You might be one of the types, 2 of them, or all three. 

Knowing this can help you determine just how perfectionism is showing up in your behaviors and your life. If you have been struggling with any of the above, anxiety counseling for perfectionism with Empower Counseling can help you find joy again.


  1. Strong motivation to be perfect
  2. Setting and holding unrealistic standards
  3. Compulsive strivings
  4. All or nothing thinking- total success or total failure
  5. Focus on flaws or past failures
  6. Narrow def. of success, broad definition Of failure
  7. Evaluation of one’s performance leads to self-criticism and may lead to self-punishment
  8. Perception of failure as characteristic of one’s entire self

Anxiety counseling for perfectionism with empower counseling can help your Socially prescribed perfectionism:

  1. Belief that other’s have unrealistic standards for us and that they will exert pressure on us to be perfect.

2. Associated with elevated levels of negative affect, chronic anger, avoidance coping styles, and low levels confidence in ability to problem solve

3. Great importance in gaining approval of others.


  1. We have Unrealistic expectations of others.

You may be a perfectionist.

Myth about perfectionism:

Myth about Perfectionism:

Many mistakenly believe that perfectionism is a healthy motivator, but that’s not the case. 

Perfectionism can make you feel unhappy with your life. It can lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-harm. Eventually, it can also lead you to stop trying to succeed. Even mild cases can interfere with your quality of life, affecting your personal relationships, education, or work. Seek anxiety counseling for perfectionism with Empower Counseling before it gets worse and leads to other problems.

anxiety counseling for perfectionism with empower counseling can help fight the Dangers of Perfectionism:

Perfection, of course, is an abstraction, an impossibility in reality. When taken too far, the striving for perfection can lead to negative outcomes, like procrastination,  a tendency to avoid challenges, rigid all-or-nothing thinking, toxic comparisons, and a lack of creativity

I have so many clients come to me and say “I’m lazy” I just can’t seem to get started toward any of my goals. 

Have you ever heard the term “Paralysis analysis”.  Paralysis analysis is caused by worry about making the perfect decision. It leads to prolonged deliberating, circular thinking delayed action and sometimes no decision at all. 

Perfectionism and paralysis analysis is what causes procrastination, not being lazy. 

Perfectionism can lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other psychological issues.

At Empower Counseling, we know what works to loosen the grip that perfectionism has on you so that you can begin enjoying life so much more. I know how to address perfectionism. I am a recovering perfectionist myself, and know how to go from never being able to relax to enjoying my free time. I can help you get off of that perfectionistic hamster wheel too. And you can actually achieve lofty goals even more after to become a recovering perfectionist!

How to let go of perfectionism:

1. Call Empower Counseling 205-730-6570 and set up your first appointment.

2. Kathryn will help you move from perfectionism and anxiety, toward a more enjoyable life.

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