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The benefits anxiety counseling for self-awareness with Empower Counseling

Achieving a higher level of self-awareness is the first step toward personal growth. At Empower Counseling in Birmingham, Alabama, our counselors specialize in anxiety counseling. I do not just mean that we help many clients who have anxiety. I mean that we are anxiety specialists. Each of our counselors have had special training in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, a scientifically proven method for treating anxiety.

There are several facets to Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Today, Let’s focus on the mindfulness aspect. The definition of mindfulness is “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something”.

Mindfulness is self-awareness.

Anxiety counseling for self-awareness

Many clients, of course, come to Empower Counseling understanding they have anxiety. Our clients can tell us how their anxiety affects them in their daily lives. But they do not know what is causing the anxiety or how to quiet it.  That is where our knowledgeable licensed counselors come in. You can not begin to move away from anxiety until you become aware of your own thoughts that are driving the anxiety. You must become more self-aware, or mindful.

Anxiety Counseling: The first session

Your first session at Empower Counseling with your new therapist will be an intake session. This is an opportunity for your therapist to ask you questions about what you are experiencing, as well as some basic facts about you to gain an understanding of you and your counseling wants and needs. Do not worry. You do not need to prepare anything for your visit. Your counselor will help put you at ease and do all of the work.

By your second session, your counselor will begin using proven techniques to help you deepen your level of self-awareness. Over your sessions together, you will learn the general and specific thoughts driving your anxiety, as well as, what triggers these thoughts. You will learn about how your thoughts trigger your emotions and your actions. Your level of awareness of thought and behavior patterns will deepen, allowing you to break unhealthy patterns which you have not been able to break thus far.

Along the path of Acceptance Commitment Therapy, you will gain a deeper level of self-awareness about what you value and what you want your life to look like. By developing this deeper level of internal self-awareness you will learn how to stop over thinking and over analyzing. Through mindfulness techniques you will learn, you will be able to look at your thoughts and decide what you want to do with them-either believe them and let them drive your behavior and actions, or let them go because they are not helpful to you.

The benefits of anxiety counseling for self-awareness with Empower Counseling

There are so many benefits of becoming self-aware! Counseling with Empower Counseling can help you become more self-aware and live a much more satisfying life, even if you do not have anxiety. Here are a few of the many benefits of becoming more self-aware: You will…

Make better choices

Have more self-confidence

Be self-assured- knowing you are doing what is best for you- no second guessing!

Enjoy better communication

Improve your relationships

Manage your emotions in a healthier way

Improved leadership skills

Have more satisfaction and happiness in your life

Deeper self-awareness guides you toward the path of your most satisfying life. Who doesn’t want that?

If you would like to begin anxiety counseling for deeper self-awareness today, just reach out to Empower Counseling. Our knowledgeable and compassionate therapists, Kathryn, Adam, and Kristine are here to help you.

Anxiety counseling is not the only service we provide in our Birmingham, Alabama counseling clinic.

Empower Counseling provides counseling for depression, difficult life transitions and counseling for addiction, as well, counseling for teens, counseling for college students, young adult counseling, and counseling for professionals. We offer in-person and online counseling to everyone in the state of Alabama, including college students who are from Alabama attending college anywhere in the country. Reach out through the message area at the bottom of this websites home page today.

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