Anxiety counseling for your career: With Empower Counseling

Have you ever wondered how much your anxiety is holding you back? Have you ever thought about how many opportunities you might have missed because of your worries, your fears, your negative “what if’s” in your career?

Anxiety Keeps us Stuck

Anxiety can be helpful to us humans at times. Anxiety is a loud alarm bell telling us that something is important to us and we should be careful. The more important something is to you, the more anxiety it may bring. However, often our brains take their jobs as protectors of us to the extreme and they are no longer helpful. Instead of just alerting us that something is important to us, our brains share all of the negative outcomes possible with “what-if’s”. If we listen to all the warnings, the negative “what if’s” our brains tell us when something is important to us, we do not take action. When this happens, anxiety is driving the bus, not us. We are being driven by a fear of what we do not want, rather than driven by what we do want. This can cause us to become stuck in life, unable to make a move. If we stay stuck long enough, anxiety increases because we are not being the person we want to be. If stuck in anxiety long enough, unable to move toward what is important to us, we self-criticize and even self-loath. Then anxiety leads to depression. We are so stuck and unmotivated by that time, we can not even remember what we used to enjoy in life.

SO, I will ask you again, have you ever thought about how your anxiety is holding you back? How has anxiety negatively affected your career? Where could you be if anxiety were no longer driving the bus.

Anxiety counseling for your career: With Empower Counseling

I have seen so many clients come to Empower Counseling wanting to move away from their anxiety because of the effect it was having on their personal lives- relationships, enjoyment, self-esteem. But most do not think about how anxiety is affecting them in their professional lives.

If your anxiety is in control, telling you what you can and can’t do, you will not step out of your comfort zone in your job. If you never step out of your comfort zone, how can you achieve your greatest heights in your career? You can’t.

When we show up to our jobs we do not check our anxiety at the door. It follows us right in and is with us through out the day, when completing tasks, when making decisions, in everything we do.

If anxiety is affecting your personal life, you can bet it is affecting your professional life as well.

Don’t let anxiety be in control of you any longer. Reach out to Kathryn, Adam, or Kristine for Acceptance Commitment Therapy anxiety counseling. Acceptance Commitment Therapy, or ACT, is a scientifically proven effective method for treating anxiety. At Empower Counseling we offer Act for anxiety counseling and depression counseling. If you are a teen, college student, young adult, or professional, we can help you. Empower offers in-person and online counseling 6 days a week, including Saturdays, and some evenings. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, addiction, or a difficult time in your life, reach out to Empower for help today. 205-730-6570

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