Counseling for men with Empower Counseling: Why it is important (AND OK!).

As a general rule men are much less likely to seek out counseling and other forms of treatment for mental health concerns, despite many needing it and suffering the consequences of not addressing their issues. This is in large part due to how society shapes us to view masculinity and the way men are “supposed” to act; there is a large stigma against men seeking help for their issues. Because of this, many men struggle with being able to open up and trust a stranger with things they have been keeping inside for years. Men often think they are “weak” or “soft” if they try to get help instead of dealing with things themselves, despite the fact that they are often ill equipped to process the traumas or negative thoughts that they struggle with. The result is far too many men suffering as their mental health grows worse instead of getting the help they desperately need.

Men Struggle With Mental Health Concerns At a High Rate, But Don’t Seek Treatment

Research has shown that in the US over 14% of men struggle with some form of mental health issue, that means over 21.2 million men report having mental health concerns. When we also consider that a large number of men do not self-report having mental health concerns due to societal stigma against mental health, that number is likely much larger. Men are also much less likely to get help for their mental health concerns than women, which is likely a cause for the suicide rate of men being 4 times higher than women. A common view of men is that its shows weakness to ask for help, that we should handle things on our own. While there is absolutely a place for independence in life, its also important to know when we are ill equipped to handle the issues we face and need to seek help. If your car broke down and you didn’t know how to fix it, you’d take it to a mechanic. Why should mental health be any different?

Overcoming Societal Pressure and Getting the Help You Need: Counseling for Men with Empower Counseling

Here at Empower Counseling, one of the things I work with my male clients on is learning to deprogram themselves from the unhealthy ways society teaches us to be as men. To help them focus on the positive aspects of masculinity, while learning a new way of thinking when it comes to what is “strong” and “weak”. I often ask them, “What takes more strength and is harder to do, admitting you are struggling to someone else or continuing to bottle things up and suppress them like we have been?”. It takes much more strength to truly not care what others think about you getting help you need than to continue hurting yourself because of what others might think. Another thing I will often ask men is, “If the way we’ve been doing things hasn’t been working, isn’t it time we tried something else?”.  If you are reading this and feel like you want to start a different approach to life and begin dealing with the issues you’ve been shoving down, give us a call or shoot us an email so we can begin that work together!

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Post by Adam Elliott

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