Empower Counseling Helping Men Grow and Heal

Empower Counseling helping men grown and heal. For many men the thought that they might need counseling may not occur to them.

We are taught to be independent and in control of whatever situation we find ourselves in, and often
taught that asking for help is a sign of weakness. But for most of us the problems we face (be it
past trauma, stress from events in our lives, or dealing with emotions that we are used to
avoiding) are not ones that we are properly equipped to handle. As mentalhealth.org.uk puts it,
Some research also suggests that men who can’t speak openly about their emotions may be
less able to recognise symptoms of mental health problems in themselves, and less likely to
reach out for support.” As we are often not taught how to properly handle and
understand our emotions, instead told to push them down or ignore them, when we run into a
problem that involves mental health we can be at a loss for what to do. But just like how when
your car breaks down you take it to a mechanic, we have to be willing to take ourselves to a
professional to show us how to heal ourselves. Here are a few ways the Empower Counseling
can help you to grow as a man and better prepare yourself for what life will throw at you.

1 . Empower Counseling helping men grow and heal: Learn It’s OK To Ask For Help

Many men chafe at the thought of asking someone else for help as we are taught that we are
supposed to handle things ourselves. Asking for help is often seen as a sign of weakness and
this can prevent us from seeking help when we need it. One of the most important things for us
to understand if we want to grow is that not only is it ok to ask for help, it is necessary if we want
to live the best life we can.

  1. Learn How To Better Open Up To Others
    Many of the male clients I see struggle with sharing their feelings or thoughts with their partners
    or other people close to them. This again is often tied to how we are taught to be from a young
    age. “If I am supposed to be the head of the family then I cannot let them know I am struggling
    with anything.” What I often see once my male clients show progress is that they have better,
    more fulfilling relationships with their partners and family. This is because they have begun to
    open up to them and trust those around them with their inner thoughts and struggles; and they
    find that they are not seen as weak, but as caring men who want to build their bonds with those
    important to them.

3. Start Addressing Issues We’ve Been Bottling Up
For anyone not familiar with the 12 steps of AA, the first step can basically be summed up as “I
admit that I have a problem that I cannot handle on my own.”. This is also true when it comes to
dealing with our past or the emotions that we have been pushing aside for our lives. While it is
easy to do what we always do and ignore our emotions, we cannot grow stronger if we are too
afraid or stubborn to face them.
If you have been struggling with any of the above, or any mental health issues, it may be time to admit you need help and start your journey of growth and healing with Empower Counseling!

At Empower Counseling we practice Acceptance Commitment Therapy for anxiety and depression. ACT is proven effective for anxiety counseling and depression, as well as, several other issues. Our knowledgable and compassionate therapists, Kathryn, Adam, and Kristine work with teens, college students, young adults, and professionals. Adam is also a cetified addiction specialist. We offer therapy according to your schedule, 6 days a week, including Saturday, and evening appointments. Reach out to Empower Counseling today and begin growing and healing. 205-730-6570

by Adam Elliott

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