Group of successful career minded individuals working together. If you are looking for the clarity and skills to be you best self, Executive Counseling in Alabama is here to help guide you in this process of self-discovery.

Executive coaching with Empower Counseling & Coaching to be your most successful.

There are so many reasons executive coaching will lead you to your most successful self. Let’s dive right in!

The number one reason to begin executive coaching is that it will help you see yourself more clearly.

Personal clarity is the place where all positive change begins. You might be thinking you know yourself pretty well. Research actually shows that most of us do not see ourselves clearly and that really matters.

Research tells us that leaders who have accurate self-awareness enjoy higher organizational effectiveness and profitability, And employees actually prefer to follow leaders who not only see themselves more clearly but who also are willing to share their perceptions.

Confirmation Bias

Executive coaching is needed for personal clarity because all humans possess confirmation bias. There is a human tendency to lend more weight to information that supports what we already believe to be true.

Confirmation bias is hardwired into human beings’ brains. Research shows that we may actually get a rush of dopamine, which is the pleasure hormone when we come upon information that confirms something we already believe.

If you are part of a work culture within a company, there is a good chance the opinions of others have swayed your own opinions. Research shows that humans tend to be eager to share the opinions of groups. Researchers believe this is because as hunters and gatherers we needed to be a part of a group instead of solo. It was much safer to agree with our social group and be wrong, rather than, disagreeing and being right.

Blind spots

We don’t know what we don’t know. Even the most intelligent human beings have blind spots themselves. An effective executive coach will uncover these blind spots so they no longer get in your way.

Successful business woman overlooking the city. Learn the skills to overcome bias and blind spots and reach your full potential with Executive Coaching in Alabama.

Find Your Strengths with executive coaching

Often we take for granted some of our greatest strengths. We discount what we are good at because it comes easy to us. If it comes easy to us then it must not be valuable…it is so easy to do that everyone can do it…right? Wrong. An excellent executive coach will gather your strengths and help you become clear on the complete “you-ness” that you bring to the table. You are valuable not just because of what you can do but because no one else can do exactly what you do in the way that you do it.

Become clear on your long gamE

You might have an idea of what your next goal is….maybe a raise, promotion, or a piece of the company. But what is your long game? An executive coach can help you determine the path of your long game and the steps it will take you to achieve your goals.

Develop your brand

You are your brand. An effective executive coach will lead you to become clear on not only what you want but who you want to be along the way. What do you want to be known for in your professional career? What do you want others to know about you? Achieving success in the boardroom will not lead to any great satisfaction if you are not proud of who you are and how you accomplish the task.

Deeper self-awareness is where growth and forward progress lives. It is not always knowing more about your career or job that actually advances your position. It is knowing yourself more deeply where the greatest advances begin.

Kathryn, founder of Empower Counseling & Coaching, can help you reach your career goals. She has coached clients to achieve the compensation packages they struggled to ask for. She has helped other coaching clients who were unclear about where they wanted to take their careers know exactly what they wanted their next career move to be.

Business women who overcame biases to work together effectively. Learn to set long term goals that focus on your strengths and brand. With Executive Coaching in Alabama you can become the best possible version of yourself.

What makes Kathryn your most effective executive coach?: executive coaching with empower counseling & coaching to be your most successful

Kathryn’s unique educational background, combined with her strengths as an individual, is what makes her such an effective and engaging coach. Kathryn graduated law school from the University of Alabama and successfully practiced law for many years before making a career change. In her 40’s, Kathryn obtained a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health from UAB. Her unique training in law and counseling enables her to know what questions to ask to gain the information necessary to help you achieve your goals. Her understanding of the human brain and behavior helps you overcome obstacles and habits that may have hindered you in the past.

Even the brightest humans fall prey to our humanness.

Kathryn, founder of Empower Counseling & Coaching, will help you:

Become more aware of confirmation bias

Know your blind spots

Focus on your unique set of strengths

Determine your long game

Develop your brand

So that you maximize your success and satisfaction in your career.

Begin Executive Coaching in Alabama

Personal clarity is key to success in both your life and career. At Empower Counseling our team of skilled therapists is trained and ready to help you achieve the best version of your self with Executive Coaching Services. Follow the steps below to get started on the path to self-discovery and success in your career.

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  2. Get to know more about our skilled team of Therapists Kathryn, Adam, and Kristine.
  3. Begin the journey to self-understanding and clarity.

Other Counseling and Coaching Services Available at Empower

Executive Coaching is not the only service offered at Empower Counseling & Coaching in Birmingham, Alabama. Kathryn, Adam & Kristine are all trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy, a proven effective method for anxiety counseling and depression counseling. Empower offers in-person and online counseling in the state of Alabama to teens, college students, young adults, and professionals. Adam is also a certified addiction specialist offering addiction counseling in Birmingham, Alabama.

Reach out to Empower Counseling & Coaching and begin living a better life. Call for your appointment today 205-730-6570 or fill out our convenient online contact form here.

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