Girl smiling and listening to music on headphones after ACT therapy for anxiety with empower counseling

1. Act therapy with Empower Counseling can help you navigate your anxiety symptoms as you become aware of the thoughts that are causing you distress.

ACT therapy is proven effective for the treatment of anxiety for many reasons.

Our brains try to make us believe that everything they tell us is the truth and that each thought is important. In actuality, we can not control whether a thought pops into our minds. We can control what happens next. We can believe the distressing thought of “I can’t do it” or “I’m not enough” as if it were true. 

We can get tangled up and spend time arguing with the thought as if it were important. 

Or we can use ACT to find some distance from the thought and decide to let go of the thought as it is unhelpful. ACT with Empower Counseling can help you become aware of your unhelpful thoughts and let them go so you can get out of your head and back into enjoying your life.

2. ACT therapy can help you stop running from your thoughts and feelings. 

Have you noticed how trying to suppress your thoughts or your feelings doesn’t work? They always come back around. The more you try to run and hide from them, the stronger the hold they have on you. The more afraid you become of your next panic attack, the more frequently these attacks come. 

ACT therapy with Empower Counseling will shop you how to accept whatever thoughts or feelings come your way. When you accept all of your thoughts and feelings, the negative ones know longer hold you hostage. They lose their power when you stop running from them.

3. ACT can help you connect with the present moment.

Anxiety keeps you living in the past, worrying about the mistake you have made, or thinking about the future and how you can control outcomes. ACT therapy can help you get out of your head and into your life.

If you are not living in the present moment, you are not enjoying your life. You are missing out on experiences and connection with others. The present is the only time when you have power, control over your words and actions. It is by living in the present moment that we have more control over what happens in our own lives. Empower Counseling uses ACT to help you become present focused so you can enjoy your life again.

4. ACT therapy with Empower Counseling will help you find clarity.

If you are living by rules and “shoulds” you have learned from others, you will continue to struggle. ACT with Empower Counseling can help you determine exactly who you want to be and what is important and meaningful in your life.

If you are struggling with confidence and you are constantly second guessing whether you have made “the right” decision, ACT is for you. Once you become clear on what you value, what is most important to you in life, then decision making becomes easy. Not only will you be able to confidently and decisively make decisions, you will experience more joy and happiness because you are being true to yourself. Empower Counseling will help you find clarity around your values so that you can live your most authentic life and be happy about who you are.

5. ACT can help you take action.

Anxiety and perfectionism can keep you stuck, unable to take action toward your goals. Through ACT therapy, Empower Counseling can help you take effective action…not just any action, but action toward what you value. Gaining clarity around what you value is important for several reasons.

One of the biggest reasons to find clarity around what you value, is to set goals in line with what you value. Accomplishing goals that are not in line with or congruent with your values will bring little to know peace and satisfaction. But accomplishing goals that line up with what is important to you and what you want to be know for, that is what brings peace and satisfaction in life. Empower Counseling uses ACT to help you take action toward what you value so that you can live a rich and fulfilling life. 

Empower Counseling uses Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help you break free from anxiety and depression. Coaching based on the principals of ACT can effectively help you succeed in business and in your relationships. Reach out to Kathryn at Empower Counseling and Coaching for ACT counseling or coaching to meet your individualized needs. 

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