A girl smiles while drinking coffee. SHe is feeling happy after starting anxiety counseling in Birmingham, AL with Empower Counseling.

1. If you are feeling overwhelmed, start anxiety counseling in Birmingham, Alabama with Empower Counseling.

Empower counseling and coaching can help you find your direction. If you feel like everything in your life is swirling around in your head like a whirlwind and you can not seem to get anything done, I understand. It can be difficult to navigate the world these days…to know which way to go. If you just are not sure what direction to head, turn to Empower Counseling. 

I will help you find clarity about who you are, what obstacles have been keeping you stuck, and which way you want to go. So many clients have come to Empower Counseling for anxiety counseling in Birmingham, Alabama, feeling overwhelmed, unhappy in their relationships, and insecure in who they are. These same clients, after anxiety counseling with Empower, left feeling in control, secure in their direction and confident in themselves. 

2.   If you are feeling stuck.

Don’t spend another day stuck, not able to take action toward that one thing you really want in life. Anxiety counseling in Birmingham, Alabama with Empower Counseling can help. Through Acceptance Commitment therapy, I will help uncover the thoughts you are having which are keeping you stuck. Our thoughts cause our emotions, and our thoughts and emotions lead to our actions. You most likely have a thought or thoughts that are keeping you stuck. This thought or these thoughts are keeping you from taking action. After we uncover the thoughts that are keeping you stuck, I will help you find clarity about who you are and what you want, and the actions that will take you where you want to go. I have seen so many clients go from stuck, anxious, and insecure to confident, hopeful and moving forward toward the lives they want.

3.  If you do not like yourself.

A girl wears a mask. She is looking forward to starting anxiety counseling in Birmingham, AL with Empower Counseling.

Anxiety counseling in Birmingham, Alabama with Empower Counseling has the added benefit of raising your self-esteem and self-confidence. Whatever negative or self-critical thoughts you are having that are keeping you anxious and stuck are also keeping you from really loving who you are. Through Acceptance Commitment Therapy with Empower Counseling, we will go on a journey of self-awareness and self-love. We will work toward a shift from focusing on the parts of you that you think are wrong or need to be fixed to an appreciation of the beautifully unique qualities and gifts you hold that make you the special person you are. I have seen many clients come to anxiety counseling in Birmingham, Alabama with Empower Counseling who have no self-value or self-love. After completing therapy, these same clients were filled with self-esteem and self-confidence because they learned how to do the hard things they were not allowing themselves to do before they began anxiety counseling.

4. If you are not enjoying your life the way you used to.

Panic and anxiety lead to your world shrinking. The more panic attacks you have or the more anxiety you feel, the more you avoid the things that you are afraid of or make you anxious. The need to avoid these uncomfortable feelings and sensations, drives you to do less and less of the things you used to enjoy. The less you take part in the things you enjoy in life, the less you enjoy your life….period. The less you enjoy life, the worse you feel. This is how 50% of the time anxiety leads to depression. If you are in need of anxiety counseling in Birmingham, Alabama, seek help. It is easier to break free from anxiety than it is to break free from anxiety compounded with depression. Seek help for your anxiety before it becomes more than anxiety.

5.  Empower Counseling only uses proven methods for anxiety counseling in Birmingham, Alabama.

Empower Counseling uses Acceptance Commitment Therapy for anxiety treatment. In study after study, ACT has been proven effective in treating of anxiety. Acceptance Commitment Therapy has an added facet of treatment not present in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy leaves out the “Acceptance” component that ACT has. This acceptance component is crucial to the success of Acceptance Commitment Therapy for anxiety. Much of the discomfort present with anxiety comes from struggling with you emotions, not wanting to accept them or have them….telling yourself that you must avoid anything that causes such discomfort. ACT helps you accept all of your feelings without a struggle. It is the struggle with your emotions that causes misery, not the emotions themselves.

A girl spreads her arms. She is feeling happy since starting anxiety counseling in Birmingham, AL with Empower Counseling.

If anxiety is getting in the way of you having the life you want to have, reach out for anxiety counseling in Birmingham, Alabama with Empower Counseling.


You don’t have to deal with panic, worry, and fear anymore. Counseling can help you break free from anxiety. Begin enjoying your life again. My Birmingham, AL counseling clinic is the place to start your anxiety treatment in Birmingham. I can also help you from anywhere in the state with online therapy in Alabama. To start your anxiety therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

1. Contact Empower Counseling to schedule your first appointment

2. Speak with Kathryn, your anxiety therapist

3. Start your journey to a more fulfilling life today.


There are many other services in my Birmingham, AL counseling clinic. If you find yourself feeling stuck, consider starting depression therapy. I specialize in providing guidance and support through teen therapy and counseling for college students. My life coaching and counseling for professionals will help you reignite your passion. I often offer therapy to help you navigate difficult life transitions. This can include starting a new career, going through a divorce, or downsizing. You might consider technology addiction therapy to help you create and maintain boundaries. If you are looking for a better, more balanced life, I am here to help you.

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